05 Sep 2019

6 Things You Can Actually Do to Help If You Care About the Amazon Forest

By Kate Haverston We’ve all seen the heart wrenching footage of the Amazon Rainforest as it burns down. It’s especially stunning considering the sheer size of it — the Amazon spreads into eight different countries in South America and covers 40 percent of the entire continent. Of course, these trees

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10 Apr 2011

Call To Action – Save The Eagle Tavern!

San Francisco has been getting a nasty rep for losing its edge for a while now, and with only 49 some square miles of land to occupy it’s not hard to see how things can get a little homogenous with the right variables at play. Of these, one be the urban property

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20 Apr 2010

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Just Ask for FREE Stuff

I was 23 and I won a sales contest and the prize was reimbursement for electronics. I went to Best Buy knowing what I wanted to buy. I picked out what I wanted, a small tv, dvd player and a camcorder, yes this was a few years ago. I asked the sales guy, “if I buy these things here, what could you give me for free?” Now I have asked for specific things for free at times, like when I bought a washer and dryer, I asked for 3 dvds for free and they worked some magic on the computer and gave them to me.

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