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24 Sep 2010

Do Ho Suh’s “The Bridge Project”

The strict and non-metric distance between Soeul, South Korea and New York City is 6885 miles. But that says nothing. Where distance is strict, language and culture and climate are fluid, and a traveler from South Korea to New York (or vice-versa) bears witness to that. Artist Do Ho Suh, a South Korea

11 Jun 2010

Art to Check Out – Bas Princen’s “Refuge: Five Cities”

Running until June 26th, Dutch Architect Bas Princen’s latest exhibition, “Refuge: Five Cities” takes a photographic look at how the buildings of  five Middle Eastern cities act as refuge for those that inhabit them. The rich flock to sequestered communities, shutting the gates behind them. The others, the migrant and impoverished workers, find their homes in