Willie Brown

03 Nov 2022

Willie Brown & John’s Grill Resume FREE Election Day Luncheon

Lee Houskeeper & Alex Clemens would like to invite you to The Election Day Luncheon at the historic John’s Grill in San Francisco.  The Election Day FREE luncheon will be hosted by former Mayor Willie Brown along and the Grill’s owners John Konstin and John Konstin Jr. They typically block

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02 Jul 2020

The Hidden Time Capsules All Around San Francisco

There are many time capsules buried around San Francisco containing everything from newspaper clippings to bottles of Anchor Steam beer.   The oldest SF time capsule is from 1865, and it was only unearthed in 2001.  Bellow we discuss the contents, discoveries and dates of several capsules that have found in

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15 Feb 2023

The 2023 SF Wine Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the 2023 SF Wine Passport! There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. You get 2-for-1 glasses of wine at 23 of SF’s finest locally owned bars and restaurants for only $39.95! It honestly doesn’t get much better than that. And after the

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07 Jul 2016

Broke-Ass Stuart Hanging out with Willie Brown and Will Durst

Well I bet this is something A LOT of you have wanted to see. I’m gonna be hanging out with Willie Brown & Will Durst next week, Tuesday July 12th. This should be incredibly interesting. The info is below and can be found here. And if there’s anything you want

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22 Feb 2016

What Needs to be Done About San Francisco’s Tent City

Guest post by Jennifer Friedenbach from the Coalition on Homelessness I met a woman the other day, one of the much maligned tent dwellers, and she told me how awful it is living outside. She is scared all the time, of course, us woman do like having our locked doors,

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22 Apr 2015

Have We Hit Peak Uber/Lyft?

The hardest part of driving a cab in San Francisco is dealing with all the Uber/Lyft cars clogging the streets.  I’m willing to venture at least ninety percent of these freshly minted drivers don’t know what the hell they’re doing.  They double-park with reckless abandon, jamming up arterial thoroughfares and

13 Nov 2014

The Secret, Longhair, Radical Activist History of Mayor Ed Lee

Get this — SF Mayor Ed Lee was once a radical tenants’ rights activist back in the 1970s. Yes, I said tenants’ rights activist. The same Ed Lee who currently presides over a stratospheric real estate boom that’s evicting unprecedented numbers of ethnic working class families and elderly people once dedicated his life

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11 Feb 2014

The Deeper Problem with “Willie L. Brown, Jr., Bridge”

This is a portion of an op-ed piece that John Lumea wrote yesterday. John is heading the Emperor’s Bridge Campaign, which is trying to name the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge after Emperor Norton. You can read the entire op-ed piece  here. Tomorrow morning on Treasure Island, the California NAACP together with

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09 Jul 2013

Let’s Reignite the Movement to Name the Bay Bridge the “Emperor Norton Bridge”

Shortly after I first moved to San Francisco I learned about Joshua Abraham Norton aka Emperor Norton I, the Gold Rush era eccentric who first declared that we should build a bridge from San Francisco to Oakland. Norton had lost all his money speculating on Peruvian Rice, and subsequently lost

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