Give Some Love Back to Dolores Park

Trashy photo from

Trashy photo from

The other day Curtis, The Creme Brulee Guy, had a great idea.  He posted on his twitter, “How many of you LOVE Dolores Park? Anyone willing to get together to help mitigate the cost to the city of cleaning up the mess we all make?”.  I was like, “Hey I love Dolores Park, I should see what I can do.”  So I hollered at him to see how I could contribute and he asked me to help set up a special happy hour for those who volunteer.  Now that everything is set up, here’s the plan:

Meet at the top Dolores Park at 5pm.  Curtis will have trash bags and those little garbage picker-uppers that the guys in orange jackets use when doing community service on the side of the highway.  Then clean the park till like 6 or 6:30 afterwards heading over to Amnesia for $1 PBRs and $3 Pints.  That way you can give some love back to your park and still party all the way through.  Sign up here to volunteer.  And tell your friends too.  Bringing your own orange jackets is optional.

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