FREE Absolute Vodka and the Lovely Amel Larrieux

I know I write about PST all the time, but it’s because the pretty much throw the best party in San Francisco.  There is always FREE booze, excellent music, and even FREE food sometimes.

Besides being absolutely beautiful, Amel Larrieux is also a fantastic singer, and apparently a DJ.  You can catch her set at 330 Ritch tonight, where she’ll be both DJing and singing.  It sounds like it’s gonna be pretty amazing.  The unfortunate drawback is that tix are $10, BUT they are lightening your load by supplying you with FREE Absolute Vodka from 10-11pm.

My advice is to get there in time to drink like 4 or 5 FREE drinks, that way you make sure to break even on the ticket price.  The secret is to order 2 or 3 drinks at a time.

Get your tickets at

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    Oh shit! My girl from Groove Theory! they were both hot.