Ping Pong


Celebrate Australia Day with Ping Pong, Sausage Rolls, and other Weird Australia Related Things

The history nerd in me wants to think […]

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Pingers and Pongers Unite: Berlin-Style Ping Pong

Berlin-style ping-pong is blowing up. Not only has it been the subject of a great essay by the Bold Italic, it’s been explained, over and over

Wine Riot

Suds and Summer Camp Fun at Tee Off Bar and Grill

I'm only good at two "sports" disc golf and ping pong.  I've covered disc golf in an earlier post, but haven't had a chance to play

Whiners Will Be Paddled at Amateur Ping Pong Tournament

I played ping pong for the first time a few weeks ago. Coordination and gentleness has never my thing. I hit a ball so hard it

Free Ping Pong in Bryant Park

There are quite a number of ping pong aficionados, I'm sure , who would agree with the conviction that ping pong in its customary form constitutes a sport

Broke Ass Guide to Bar Games

As an avid fan of cheap entertainment, I'm always on the hunt for bars that feature games of the drunken competitive variety. When some people think of bar