Isaac Hayes

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I’m not sure if you figured this out by now but…I’m poor.  Sorry to break it to you.  I know you thought that it was all a lie and that I’m secretly some rich guy up in a mountaintop villa with a personal chef, hot half-naked french maids, and that I swim in  piles of money, while wearing a Scrooge McDuck costume.  But alas, my monicker (broke-ass) is very fitting.  Because of that, I haven’t really been able to take part in all the finer aspects of New York City. This is great town, but I have a feeling that it’s an AMAZING town if you’re rich.

 That being said, my girlfriend and I realized awhile ago that, while we can’t do all the dope shit here that we’d like to, we can afford to do some of it on special occasions.  For our anniversary she got us tickets to see Common (who was awesome).  For X-mas I got us tickets to see the Rockettes (they were better than expected), and so for my birthday she got us tickets to see Isaac fucking Hayes (yes, my girlfriend is much cooler than yours).

 I gotta admit, Isaac is looking a bit old and having problems walking (although I would too if I was wearing sunglasses inside a dark venue), but the man’s voice is still WAY on point.  Who cares if the guy chose Scientology over South Park?  Prince chose being a Jehovah’s Witness over making good music for like 10 years.  All I have to say is that “Walk on By” was phenomenal live.

Here’s a picture from the show:

Isaac Hayes 

Cheap tip of the day:

If you are ever eating at a food court in a mall, tell the register person that you work at a store in the mall (just pick one).  You will usually get some kind of discount. 


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