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It’s a distant memory now, but at one point, wearing a trucker hat was a clever symbol of ironic style. Following in the wake of the enormous popularity of the newsboy/Kangol hat, the trucker hat was worn primarily by liberal arts college graduates, people enthusiastic about independent film and the urban lumberjack.   Trucker hats were the hipster head gear of choice well before Ashton Kutcher 'œPunk’d' anybody or a Von Dutch store opened up on Broadway (for real, who the fuck shops there? Long Island, I’m looking in your direction')

After that,the fedora decided it was his time to shine and started showing himself at Greenpoint bars and at Brooklyn Social and everyplace where an ironic banjo playing trio would be warmly received. Hot on his heels however was the porkpie hat, made cool by that famous heroin-shooting-Kate-Moss-snogging musician Pete Doherty.

All of a sudden an aerial view of the Lower East Side showed little black-topped dots marching in and out of American Apparel and Teany all the day long.

According to frightfully expensive fashion/art magazine Lula the 'œboater' is going to be the next big headwear trend to hit, and after that I predict these bad boys will be making a come back. Are we gonna let this happen?

New York is a city known for setting trends'”trends that may at first seem questionable, inane, even absurd. But eventually people come around and embrace our shit. So this time let’s take it up a notch. I say we bypass the boater hat, the feathered cap and the Papal Tiara and make the Olde Timey nightcap the next hot headgear choice. This isn’t your great-great, racist, farm-dwelling-grandfather’s night cap!

Long, attention-grabbing, yet simple, nothing says 'œMy head’s warm so I don’t give a fuck what you think' quite like one of these babies. The available patterns and colors might not be so cool just yet, but once they start showing up on NYC streets you can bet your ass that all the hip brands will have their own version come November.

Show up for your date at Spuyitn Duyvil with this fleece one on, and your guy will be thinking about hitting the sack long before he downs that first beer.

At the gallery opening, be the mysterious guy leaning against the wall, slowly draining his Schlitz with a look of bored superiority–and candy-striped night cap on!

Bonus! Confounding the female sex into talking to you has never been easier

'œIs he crazy? Or am I crazy for not recognizing how stylin’ and ahead of the fucking curve dude is? I better go talk to him'' will be the train of thought running through female brains from Inwood to Bed Stuy as the night cap makes it’s long awaited –and utterly deserved-comeback

This spring, buck the prescribed trend, make those assholes at Nylon:Guys and Vogue eat their words'”put a cap on it!

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