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1/2 Off Dinner at NY’s Cafe Brama All Month

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Underneath the glitz, the glam, the (sometimes) glowing reviews, and the hordes of patrons, restaurants and bars are lonely and insecure.  They always worry if people are just using them to get things they want like food, drinks, or one-night stands.  Even the overnight cleaner from Brazil, whose mop strokes could easily be misinterpreted, is just there for his $3.50/hr payout.  This insecurity is never more apparent than when an establishment’s anniversary comes along – why else do you think they throw their own birthday parties?


No, seriously, I don’t want you to think Cafe Brama is one prescription pill away from an overdose because they are slashing dinner bills in half for the entire month of April.  In fact, they are  just happy and want to sprinkle their joy.   I haven’t actually eaten here, but when I stopped to read the sign one of the owners came out and asked me to come in and eat something.  Sorry pal, I was on my way to some drank.

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I’m not real food critic, so for things like this I defer to a crude, an often inaccurate scale of “quality” which is actually a price analysis.  So, since Cafe Brama’s entrees cost between $14-19, I categorize it as a place I would typically not go, but given the bargain, I will check out, which by definition makes it good.  The menu is here


The special is good for the whole month of April and is effective from 5pm – 11pm.  There is a minimum of $10 per person (after discount) and beverages are EXCLUDED from this promotion.

Cafe Brama is located at 157 2nd Avenue @ 10th Street

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