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New Yorkers, Get Some Trim!: Bumble and Bumble Model Project

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As promised a few weeks back, I did finally fight the fear and I headed over to TopsShop last week to check things out.

The store itself is terrifying, with multiple levels, flashing lights, loud music and a sea of Long Island-looking girls dragging their bored, glassy-eyed boyfriends around by the hand. The quality of the garments themselves  is slightly above H&M-level,  but about three times more expensive.

Verdict? Meh.

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Those truths didn’t stop me from blowing a healthy chunk of my federal tax refund over there,  so I was delighted to check my email this morning and see a message from Bumble and Bumble Model Project, inviting me to rebook my Long Layers Razor Cut.  “The Model Project”, as they call it over at Bumble and Bumble University, allows an experienced stylist who is at BBU to be trained in new techniques the opportunity to practice their cut on your head, for absolutely no charge to you.


  • Each stylist is supervised by an educator with whom they consult before each section they cut, to guarantee no hair related tragedies.
  • They use Bumble and Bumble products throughout the session and at the end you’ll leave with a “prescription” slip for what products they think would be best for your hair.  Their products are kinda pricey and normally I just throw the prescription slip away,  but last time I broke down and bought the SuperRich conditioner for 22 bucks and my hair has never felt or looked better.
  • Because it’s an “educational environment” no tipping is allowed.
  • They offer color and styling appointments, too– just visit the site to learn about how to sign up and qualify.
  • Free, excellent haircut in a city where most decent cuts for girls cost over 90 bones.
  • After your haircut, they will email with the chance to book future appointments so you can keep up your hot haircut without spending a dime.


  • Because of the high level of supervision and attention to detail on the part of  the instructors and stylists, cuts can take up to two hours which can be tough to do in the middle of the day, especially if you are far from the Meatpacking District location. If you can get away, and  like me are one of those people who would pay a homeless lunatic $100 to play with your hair for 20 minutes the two hours will pass quite pleasantly.
  • They only offer cuts for straight or wavy hair at this time-no cuts for curly haired people
  • All of the cuts are tailored to your hair texture, facial shape and desires but they all follow the same basic formula so if you’re looking for something super-drastic, this probably isn’t the place

Sadly the service is only for women so, ladies, when you’re out at the bar looking fly after your 100% free haircut, maybe buy a dude a drink.

Bumble and Bumble Model Project

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