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All Literary And Shit: Free PEN Int’l Literature Festival

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The PEN World Voices of International Literature hits the city in a few days, which means 160 writers over the course of 6 days OR 26.6 writers a day doing conversations, panels, performances, and readings.  Obviously that is far too many; an overwhelming choice that leads to paralysis and blocks decision making.  The same thing happens when I try to decide on an ice cream.  Or what to do with my life.   Anyway, the solution is to limit your choices, which I’ve already done for you based on relevancy to my wallet.  So, here are the FREE events. Please note that events in the right column demand a reservation.   I’m looking forward to the personally pertinent discussions on Haitian identity and the working lives of everyday Salarymen, just like me! Minus the salary.

When: April 27 – May3 (full festival schedule here)

Where: All over Manhattan and Brooklyn

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Who: see all participants here

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