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FREE Floating Kabarette at Galapagos

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What is the difference between a stripper and a cabaret dancer?  About 30 lbs.  At least, so goes the stand-up joke.  Annnyway, there is so much free stuff going on today and tomorrow it seemed difficult to choose based on pure merit, so I took into consideration a little thing called personal growth.   I haven’t spent much time in DUMBO, I have not been to the new Galapagos since its move, and I have not been exposed to much cabaret, especially free cabaret.  It reminds me of another joke I heard recently about people who use the FREENyc condoms; they don’t care enough to pay a little bit of money to NOT get AIDS.  Well, I’m paying nothing, but I’m hoping I don’t NOT  get something. Although, little birds have told me that even cheap cabaret, let alone free, is a harbinger for obese things to come, I’m optimistic because this is Galapagos, where evolution is on display. Evolution and boobs.


Here is this week’s line-up:
Lisa Natoli – resident aerialist
Soonji cutting hair
Sweet soubrette
Patrick terry, mentalist
Jenny Rocha and her painted ladies
Jan Manke, Berlin aerialist

Damn, sounds like more variety than burlesque!


When:  Tonight (June 6th) Doors open @ 8:00pm, show @ 9:00pm


Where:  Galapagos Art Space (16 Main Street, DUMBO)

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