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FREE: Rock Poster Show and Kelli Rudick

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Lately I’ve noticed that my laptop base has been getting hot. Like, really hot. Like right now there is a neoprene laptop case between my laptop and my legs even. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to get off the computer at some point.

Also annoyed that my alarm failed to go off twice this morning, causing my boyfriend to almost miss a doctor’s appointment and me to sleep an hour later than intended.  Not cool.

But there’s plenty to smile about today and a couple of awesome events going on.

One of the most interesting things about going to a new band’s show is often  the merch table where there’s the chance to score an awesome band tee before it becomes famous. Yes you risk looking like a scene-obsessed douche if you get too many but what’s life without risk?  This.

Tonight at 303 Grand there is a show devoted to another type of rock show memorabilia, the concert poster.

Called “Die  Young, Stay Pretty” the art show is a companion piece to director Eileen Yaghoobian’s film, “Died Young Stayed Young,” premiering at IFC, which takes a candid look at the underground indie-rock poster subculture in North America that was reborn, post-Punk, with the launch of groupie Clayton Hayes’ website

The art show at 303GRAND will feature silkscreen posters that are used for advertising rock shows and all of them will be for sale! Featured posters include Radiohead, White Stripes, Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, The Melvins, Nick Cave, Broken Social Scene, Ween and legends like Bob Dylan and Marianne Faithful. Also featuring works from Kayrock & Wolfy, Methene Studios, and more.

No word on the booze options but in the manner of these things, I would imagine that some wine will be provided. Still, it’s a cool chance to check out some awesome posters and maybe buy one for your wall-most work ranges from $20-$60.

Thursday July 16th from 7p.m.-10 p.m/ 303GRAND/Brooklyn NY

And now an event that is so worthy of your time and attention that we are giving you the info a day in advance!

Rooftop Films, a nonprofit devoted to presenting underground films in an amazing, outdoor screening space has been holding it’s 2009 Summer Series since the end of May.   Prior to the film tomorrow evening will be a special performance by gues musician Kelli Rudick.  A staggeringly inventive, talented musician and an astounding live performer, Kelli has been featured on the site, here, here and here, and we are only too happy to have the opportunity to give this woman some more press. Do not miss this show. It’s gonna take place on the wonderful bubble-lidded roof of the American Can Factory in Gowanus for Christ’s sake! In the glorious, velvety Brooklyn  evening!

After the performance, Rooftop Films present THE BLIND PIG WHO WANTS TO FLY, described on the website as “A stunningly strange series of interweaving sketches that include a Stevie Wonder-singing dentist, a woman who eats firecrackers, and a pig, all investigations of alienation, politics, love and lust.”

Come for the music, and the movie, and stay for the afterparty. It’s $9, and that ain’t free, but I can guarantee it’ll be money well spent. Especially if you’ve gotten adept at sneaking beers into places.

Get there at 8

Roof of the Old American Can Factory
Address: 232 3RD St. @ 3rd Ave. (Gowanus/ Park Slope, Brooklyn)

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  1. July 16, 2009 at 10:56 am

    there’s an open bar after the film, so you can be SURE to get your drunk on!

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