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Strike! Bowl FREE September 5th and Help Break a World Record!

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The Big Lebowski bowling scene

The Big Lebowski bowling scene

Remember when bowling was fun?  I don’t.  I hate being bad at things and I am bad at bowling.  Though I haven’t logged much practice time, I have spent many hours watching others play.  As it happens, a few of my favorite movies are loaded with awesome bowling scenes.  Buffalo 66, The Big Lebowski, Lars and the Real Girl'”these flicks make bowling seem like the coolest thing in the world.  But it’s important to remember that it’s not.

Buffalo 66 bowling scene

Buffalo 66 bowling scene

On September 5th, in an effort to break the record for most bowling games played in a single day, bowling alleys across the nation are letting you bowl one FREE game.  Print out a coupon and find a participating bowling alley near you (the Yerba Buena and Presidio bowling alleys in SF are participating).  Take part in a world-record-breaking event for absolutely FREE!  How often does an opportunity as weird and dorky as this happen?

Lars and the Real Girl bowling scene

Lars and the Real Girl bowling scene

This is all part of National Bowling Week, which begins on August 29th'”I know!  I almost forgot about this most important holiday too!  Serendipitously, mullets and leopard-print leggings are back in style, which will make it much harder this year to differentiate between the trailer trash regulars and your local San Francisco hipsters at the bowling alley.  But let’s try.  Because what fun is bowling without some player-hating to keep it interesting?

Confession: I’d feel a little better about my shit-talking if I hadn’t worn leopard print leggings yesterday and my sister’s boyfriend didn’t refer to my haircut as a 'œKentucky Waterfall.'


National Bowling Week’s World Record Day
Saturday, September 5th
At paricipating bowling alleys near you!

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