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Before the Bodega: See if Your Food is Still Tasty

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New York is a weird city for grocery shopping. Most stores don’t have aisles wide enough to fit two carts, if they fit any carts at all. Most people shop every few days for specific meals, because hauling one bag through the subway is easier than seven. The smaller shopping trips leave your fridge full of forgotten jars of pasta sauce, tupperware containers of coconut milk, hunks of cheese and tubs of hummus. Eventually, you try to piece together a meal out of the contents of your barren fridge. This results finding the mystery foods, smelling it and staring it down to figure out if it’s still edible. It’s easy to tell when most produce is bad, moldy tomatoes and leaking cucumbers are a dead giveaway. But what about the margarine that was in your apartment when you moved in? Foods like feta cheese that smell bad to start with?

Before you strap shoes on to head to the bodega to replace your expired milk so you don’t have to make macaroni and cheese with the water you boiled the pasta in, check out Still It’s a site dedicated to answering your weird questions about defrosted chicken and dairy expiration date, and keeps a list of the shelf life of everything from almonds to canned tuna. You could save yourself from fighting the crowds and stacks of canned goods at Key Foods.

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Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

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