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A Bowl of Pho, a Cheesesteak, and a Side of Ravioli- Navigating the Subtleties of Indigestion at Americana Grill and Fountain

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Next stop, Saigon...

Next stop, Saigon...

I’ve always enjoyed odd combinations when it comes to food.  Maybe its because I’m the product of an odd combination myself.  Generally speaking though, my meals tend to look like sampler platters comprised of items blindly grabbed out of the icebox.

Hence my delight in the restaurant mash-up that is Americana Grill and Fountain.  I’m not sure why it’s called a fountain, as that they don’t offer strawberry phosphates or ice cream sundaes.  They do however offer a dizzying laundry list of a menu that specializes in Vietnamese, Italian, and American Diner fare.  It makes absolutely no sense, what so ever, but if you’re stoned, pregnant, famished, or with a group of friends who can’t agree on what they want, take a spin on this gastronomic rollercoaster.

Now mind you, this place isn’t waaay cheap or even phenomenal.  What it is, though, is consistent, affordable, friendly, fast and ridiculously generous with portions.  The side dishes alone are enough to sate, if you really want to save a few dollars and an entrée can easily be split between two people or two meals.

Better quality items tend to be on the Vietnamese/diner side while the Italian is more of the checkered tablecloth variety at the most, but not bad and definitely filling.

They also get an honourable mention for being quite possibly the only restaurant in the city that offers Ovaltine.  Watch out, things could get nuts.

Americana Grill and Fountain
3532 Balboa Street btw 36th and 37th Aves.
[Outer Richmond]

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen's early years were spent in a boxcar overlooking downtown Los Angeles. From there he moved around the state with his family before settling under the warm blanket of smog that covers suburban Southern California. Moving around led to his inability to stay in one place for very long, but San Francisco has been reeling him back in with its siren song since 1999.
By trade he pours booze, but likes to think he can write and does so occasionally for the SF Bay Guardian, Bold Italic and 7x7. He also likes to enjoy time spent in old eateries, bars and businesses that, by most standards, would have been condemned a long time ago.