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Tree of Hope Lighting Tonight

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Want some peace, love, community, hope, and refreshments in SF this early evening?

Join me tonight to celebrate what this site celebrates: experiences, people, and community!

I’ll be at San Francisco City Hall from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm for the lighting of the Tree of Hope, a global holiday project.

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The event and ceremony will include refreshments, speakers, and entertainment.  Special guests include:  Stuart Milk, actress Sharon Gless, atomic bomb survivor and peace activist Takashi Tanemori, The San Francisco Boys Chorus, and singer Veronica Klaus.

'œWishing love to all of those in search of it,” wishes Courtney Cox and David Arquette Cox.

Courtney and David’s wish is one of thousands of wishes etched onto origami cranes and included on the Tree of Hope, that promotes peace, love and humanitarianism.   The Rainbow World Fund, the only international humanitarian aid organization based in the LGBT and friends community, in collaboration with the Japanese American community created the first Tree of Hope four years ago.

The project was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki, a child whose journey and death several years after the bomb was dropped in Hiroshima transformed the origami crane into a symbol of world peace.

'œA world for our children more just, more fair, and more kind than the one we know now,' wishes President Barack Obama.

See other people’s wishes.

What do you wish for? The Rainbow World Fund would like to invite you to send your wish for the world, please go to

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