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HumpDay Videos: Ciara “Work”

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Hard at WORK!

Hard at WORK!

We here at Broke-Ass Stuart remember a kinder, gentler, funkier time when there was an entire network devoted to playing awesome new music videos. Men named Pinfield and women named Idalis would introduce block after block of original music videos from various genres interspersed with interviews with musicians and video directors, which would be followed by news and pop cultural updates delivered by an aging rocker in a suit and tie. Those days are gone, videos have given way to shows about dating, being from the Jersey Shore and the monotonous reality of blonde haired girls sipping lattes and texting people named Brody. Good music videos are being made though, and our mission is to bring you one a week on Wednesday to help you get over that hump.

I can’t even believe that I like this video but I really do.  I dont know if it’s the sick fashion, the absurdity of the location, the mind-boggling banging-ness of Ciara’s body or just the repeat of my favorite, favorite command ever: “Work”.  Whatever the reason, this one’s a keeper.


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