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Seriously, this image came up when I Googled "Bored at Work"

Do you ever sit at your desk after your lunch break and look at clock and realize with horror that it’s only 1:30 and quittin’ time isn’t until at least 5?  You look at the pile of papers on your desk and the mass of email in your inbox and think to yourself “I’m gonna be buried in this all afternoon.”  And then a lightbulb goes off in your brain and you realize that you don’t necessarily have to!  That there’s a wide world out there for you to explore..a world wide web, to be precise about it.

But you’ve already looked through Gawker and Jezebel and Dlisted and McSweeneys and the Onion and you know it all from top to bottom, inside and out.  What you need is some new material.

Mrs. O

Do you love current events, politics and other news of our government but wish that it was less about public options and troop surges and more about footwear and pretty dresses?  Well friends, the answer to your vain, lazy wishes is here! Mrs. O is an up-to-the minute breathless retelling of everything that Michelle Obama has been wearing, complete with fabric and designer information.  Why it has a .org domain name I’m not sure because I highly doubt it’s a nonprofit. Oh well!

Hipster Puppies

Have all things mocking hipster-dom jumped the shark and become annoying? Yes.  But can awesome dogs ever become anything less than awesome ? This site knows that the answer to that is a resounding “No!”  and that the super-specific references to Bonnarooo, Veckatimest and Caetano Veloso will keep you chuckling all the way until performance review time.

The Royal Forums

Want to know what Queen Rania of Jordan is up to?  What about checking in with Grand Duchess Maria Theresa’s dyslexia conference? Look no further for everything from news about celebrity sexin’ to what really caused the fire in Luxembourg’s Grand Ducal Palace!

Style Rookie

SHe’s been covered by like, a million blogs already and a million news outlets and she’s  13 fucking years old.  If you wanna feel really bad about your own accomplishments, Tavi Gevinson’s blog is just the site to jar you into serious productivity.

Socialogical Images

While you’re killing time in the first place, why not upgrade your brain a little bit?  This site is dedicated to encouraging “speople to exercise and develop their sociological imaginations with discussions of compelling visuals that span the breadth of sociological inquiry.”   So if you’re not gonna do your job at least learn something.

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BAS Writers

BAS Writers

BAS Writers is mostly a collection of articles written by people for the early days of this site. Back then nobody knew that snarky articles they were writing could come back and haunt them when job searching a decade later.