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Atlas Obscura’s “Obscura Day”

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Google Earth and the wonderful “Street View” option has sucked up many an hour of company time, at least in my life.  Thus, it is with attendant joy that I bring you the link to one of the most awesome websites I’ve seen in recent memory, Atlas Obscura.  Described in the words of the creators, Atlas Obscura is “…a compendium of this age’s wonders, curiosities, and esoterica. The Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project with the goal of cataloging all of the singular, eccentric, bizarre, fantastical, and strange out-of-the-way places that get left out of traditional travel guidebooks and are ignored by the average tourist. If you’re looking for miniature cities, glass flowers, books bound in human skin, gigantic flaming holes in the ground, phallological museums, bone churches, balancing pagodas, or homes built entirely out of paper, the Atlas Obscura is where you’ll find them.

The Atlas Obscura is not just about collecting oddities. In an age where everything seems to have been explored and there is nothing new to be found, the Atlas Obscura celebrates a different way of traveling, and a different lens through which to view the world.”

So if you want to find out stuff about the Dinosaur of Ta Prohm, the displayed (and gorgeous) 130-year old corpse of St. Bernadette, or an historic dental museum, this is the place.

This Saturday Atlas Obscura is hosting Obscura Day, an international celebration of wondrous, curious, and esoteric places in towns all over the world.  No matter where you are, events, expeditions and tours will be taking place in these crazy places and YOU can go.

Click here for info and to RSVP.

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  1. […] Why, “What is Obscura Day?” you might be asking yourself. “Google it like a normal person and find out!” I might answer. But instead, I will tell you. Obscura Day is an annual day of “expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasures in your hometown” put on by the site Atlas Obscura, purveyor of curiosities from around the globe (a bit more about that from Broke-Ass correspondent Ashley Friedman HERE). […]