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Tweet to win FREE tickets to ‘Orpheus & The Plastic Masquerade’

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If your other half is anything like mine, he or she hates contests like this.

Because if you win, it means they’ll have to turn off “Operation Repo,” spray some Febreze on a button-down, and watch people dance around on a stage while resisting the urge to stuff dollar bills down their pants. Oh, the horror.

And welcome to my world.

But you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it. (Or push him or her off of one. Am I the only one who fantasizes about that? Not a high bridge. Just high enough that I can wave and smile from above as he curses me from below. No? OK. I’ll keep that to myself then.)

Moving on…

A violent re-imagining based on the legend of Greek lovers Orpheus & Eurydice, “Orpheus & The Plastic Masquerade” is a fast-paced, fist-pumping new rock musical set to the score of Minq Vaadka’s latest album – you guessed it – “The Plastic Masquerade.” Featuring innovative choreography, insane acrobatics, inspired design, and a cast that bangs harder than Ozzy Osbourne, “Orpheus” promises to be a production of mythic proportions.

For your chance to put a crink in your partner’s hose, all you have to do is follow @galapagosDUMBO on Twitter and tweet this phrase: “RT this for a pair of passes to Friday’s ORPHEUS rock spectacle by @Built4collapse & @minqvaadka.”

It’s that simple. Much easier than trying to convince your man to shower beforehand.

There’s a limited amount of tix available, but the folks at “Orpheus” have promised me that they’ll do their best to award participants tickets for May if you don’t win this month.

Good luck getting there!

“Orpheus & the Plastic Masquerade”
Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street [DUMBO]
Friday, April 23
Doors, 7pm; Show, 8pm
FREE tickets

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Mikey Rox - Cut-Rate Copywriter

Mikey Rox - Cut-Rate Copywriter

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