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The Future of Pranks

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One of my favorite memories of my adolescence was pulling hilarious pranks on unsuspecting fools.  Prank calls, toilet-papering houses, the ole rubber band on the kitchen sink spray thingy (sorry Mom); all good times.

Unfortunately for the youth of today, these simple pleasures have given way to spiffy technology and interweb hijinks.  It takes significantly more effort to pull a good natured, or evil prank for that matter, and they have my sympathy.  I especially feel for the city kids, because really, how does one toilet-paper an apartment building?

The one modern prank that I both fear and envy is the Facebook jack.  Hijacking a Facebook account of a friend or frenemeny, and changing the status update and profile info to something hilariously embarrassing.  Though more socially acceptable for the youths, this prank can be fun for all ages!

While I’ve seen my fair share of hilarity ensue, I’m curious to hear what other awful/amazing internet pranks you’ve all enjoyed or endured.  I leave you with that question, and, speaking of bad pranks, this trailer for the Facebook movie that I am only going to see because I have an unhealthy love for J. Timb, because man does it look shittay.

[youtube fUuPPC9YaVo]

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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