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16 Aug 2011

The Mysterious Plaques on Central Park Benches

  I’m a proud New Yorker and as one I pride myself in not knowing a damn thing about tourist attractions the city has to offer. Sure, I’ve know where these places are located. I pass them by all the time but I never think to actually experience them. The

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27 May 2011

An Ode to Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis. A man’s man. A woman’s man. A jack of all trades. The man. The myth. The dad from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Rick Moranis has played a large part in my life through his various groundbreaking roles in cinematic history. Plus I have a HUGE crush on

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27 Jan 2024

The San Francisco Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the San Francisco Beer Passport. There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 27 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 27 of the finest locally

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14 May 2011

Triple Crown of Yo-Yo Competition

The event of the year for all you Yo-Yo enthusiasts is happening today in North Beach! One of the three national Triple Crown Yo-Yo competition will be held from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the north side of Washington Square Park, near Filbert Street, and it is FREE for

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10 May 2011

Where to Get FREE Birthday Prizes

It is officially my BIRTHDAY MONTH (yes, I get a month) and I’ve got birthday feva!! I was recently day dreaming about how great birthdays are, and if there was any way they could be better. The answer: getting stuff for FREE. Giving birthday gifts (aka FREE stuff) has been

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07 May 2011

2nd Annual Mission Prom Night

There are many things I enjoy more now than I did in my youth: Disneyland, mustard, good arch support, to name a few. The best example that comes to mind, however, is the prom. Possibly for the desire for a major do-over, or maybe just because I like any excuse

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03 May 2011

Great Broke-Asses of the Past: Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson, the man who stole my twelve-year-old heart, is, perhaps, the sexiest of all Broke-Asses. He won his way, fair and square, on to the mighty Titanic in a game of poker with some Swedes, exhibiting true, tainted Broke-Ass luck. When invited to the upper decks, he did his

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30 Apr 2011

13th Annual Glen Park Festival

Having lived in San Francisco for the past seven years, I feel like I am at least somewhat familiar with most neighborhoods in the city.  The exception is Glen Park.  I am ashamed to say that until recently I wasn’t 100% sure where it was/that it existed. Yes, I know

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26 Apr 2011

Broke-Ass Etiquette: BFF’s Bad BF

Got a question about how to be a polite Broke-Ass? Email Half-Price Headliner with your queries and get schooled on how to be proper-like. Q: I can’t stand my BFF’s boyfriend.  Can I tell her how I feel, or do I have to just keep my mouth shut? A: That’s

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