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The Subway Inn – A Classic New York City Dive Bar

Neon beer signs and red lighting reflect off a black and white checkered floor, while people trade strange stories at little tables, each individually lit by it’s own pinkish colored lamp. You scan the crowd and see a couple old drunks, tall, hot model-looking girls, guys in jackets from a local union, and even some random foreigners who might be tourists. Yes, this is the Subway Inn, a classic spot which, if there were a dive bar hall of fame, would be part of the first group of inductees.

I first came here with my publisher and a friend of his, who spent most of the night telling us about banging girls from J-Date and how he had had a threesome earlier that week (That lucky bastard. I’ve still never had a threesome; I weep about it nightly.). He also went on to tell us an amazing story about how for someone’s bachelor’s party he answered an ad on craigslist by a middle-aged woman who was looking for a gang-bang. He invited her to the bachelor party hinting that she’d get a train run on her, but she ended up getting talked into cocktail waitressing the whole night instead, and never even got her ass grabbed, let alone a clusterfuck. There’s just something about the Subway Inn that makes these stories come out.

The Subway Inn
143 E 60th St. @ Lexington Ave.
[Upper East Side]

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