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Too Much of a Cheap Thing: Tips for Buying Food in Bulk

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Buying in bulk can be one of the greatest ways a broke-ass can save monies, but in many cases involving edibles, things can go terrible wrong.  There are just some foods in life that the saying 'œa little goes a long way' is especially true for.

Here is a list of what I’ve found to be the best and worst foods to buy in bulk.  Now find someone with a Costco card and have at it!

Best in Bulk

1. Pickles
These salty treats are one of my favorite foods, so I may be a bit biased, but in my experience I can not only eat an entire gigantor sized jar, but enjoy every pickle-y minute.  Pickles are self regulating because of their mass and salt content, and eating five in one sitting seems to have no immediate negative repercussions as far as I’ve experienced.

Just brush yo teeth after.  No one likes pickle breath.

2. Ramen
Well duh.  Everyone at some time or another in their lives has ramen binged because you just cannot beat the price.  A big bowl of noodles, no matter how inexpensive is always a comfort, and in a pinch you can even eat it raw.  Just sprinkle the seasonings in the bag, crush and enjoy!

3. Goldfish Crackers
They’re just so good, and they come in a giant milk-carton looking thing.  All good.

Less is More

1. Wasabi Peas.
You may think you won’t be able to over do it with these spicy lil’peas because of the heat they’re packing, but you’re wrong.  Once during a day of no lunch and a wasabi pea surplus, I ate too many and they started to taste like fish.  I’m not sure why my tongue would play such a cruel trick, but I haven’t been able to eat them since.

2. Trail Mix
Maybe it’s the combination of the sweet and the savory, but as much as I enjoy me some trail mix, eat too much and you will end up bloated and sad.  This is especially true on road trips, so make sure to vary your snack intake.

3. Produce
There are a few exceptions to this rule, but for the most part if produce is uber cheap and in a bag bigger than your head, it’s probably pretty shitty.  For one thing, you’re never going to be able to finish it all by yourself before it goes bad, and if it doesn’t go bad for a long loooong time that shit just ain’t natural.  Plus, there are some definite and immediate issues that arise when consuming, let’s say twelve plums in one day.  Truth.

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