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Try Your Hand at Being a Board Game Tester Tonight

Updated: Jul 08, 2011 18:32
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Right out of a Norman Rockwell…

One thing I miss about living in a house with roommates is the board game nights we used to have.  It was pure bliss, infused with ungodly amounts of wine, beer, Four Loko (RIP), pizza, and Sour Patch Kids.  Oh, and laughing, because board games are hilarious.  If you disagree, you’re doing it wrong.  I haven’t had any board game nights since I moved into my studio because it’s too tiny for the glory of Cranium or Apples to Apples.  Also, it smells like dog, which is gross.

This is why I rely on my friends’ houses for board game night.  However, it’s kind of an ordeal pulling an Inception and trying to make my friends think it was their idea to hold a messy, boozy, game-y get-together.  Instead I think I’ll seek out more events like the one going on tonight at Just Awesome! The Board Game Store in West Portal.  It’s “Inventor/Designer Game Night,” where a game in its design stages is offered for the amusement, criticism and enjoyment of the general public.  Tonight’s game prototype is called “This One Time…The Game of Funny Anecdotes, Revealing Stories and Guilty Pleasures.”  Sounds like a good one if you’ve got a lot of stories (which, if you’ve ever ridden MUNI, you do) or if you’re a pathological liar.

Just Awesome! also hosts 21+ board game nights on Fridays, so keep this calendar bookmarked for future reference.  And if you’re all weird about going to West Portal, it’s a super easy underground ride on MUNI Metro, you baby.

Game Test Night at Just Awesome!  The Board Game Store 320 West Portal Ave. [West Portal] Wednesday, March 9, 7pm FREE

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Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

When Christy announced she was leaving her family's Southern California home and moving to San Francisco, her mom said, "Have fun in that den of sin." This is the only (however sarcastic) advice Christy has ever taken from her mom, who also told her to join and cover her eyes during sex scenes in movies. Christy puts her creative writing degree to good use by locating the typos on Chinese food menus and spends most of her time challenging friends to all-you-can-eat contests and trying to get that one bartender at Zeitgeist to smile.