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No Sense of Humor, No Date?: The YouTube Test

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My roommate and I have talked about how sometimes, we have an unofficial comedy litmus test when we’re first starting to get to know guys we’re dating. It’s not necessarily as simple as, if you don’t find this funny, I won’t date you, but it’s just sort of a way to see what you’re dealing with exactly. Like, are they too  self important? Do they think really stupid shit is funny? Do they just not get you or your sense of humor at all/whatsoever?

Here is how we can tell:

1) The Last Donut/Gramophone guy

If the person you show this to doesn’t think this is a hilarious sketch about self-righteous assholes, then they probably are one. Also, Portlandia owes a lot to this sketch.

2) Bestie X Bestie: Books

This is more just like….if you think this is annoying, then you probably will not be able to last 5 minutes around me. Especially if Ashley F. is involved.

3) Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd’s Dream Sequence

This one is definitely more my roommate than me, but I think this might be one of my favorite parts of the whole movie. Especially the “…but that’s a real nice ski mask!” part. If you can’t get down with Dumb & Dumber, there’s no way I can be relaxed around you ever.

4) Pierre Eats the Dream Cream, Tim & Eric

This could be borderline misleading, because maybe the person could be genuinely creepy. Or could think you are. But if they love it, they’re yours.

5) Can’t Kill Rock, Kids In the Hall

Some people I really like can’t get into Kids in the Hall, and that’s fine. But I think this is one of their more accessible sketches, while still retaining their very particular pacing. If your date can’t at least concede to Dave Foley and Bruce McCullough being awesome, there’s trouble.

6) Pussy Doodles, Tim & Eric/David Cross

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this sketch…like, in a row. I mean, if you don’t like my pussy doodles, then I don’t want to know you.

Photo courtesy of ibiblio.

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Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

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