DIY: How to Make your own Earring Organizer

Updated: Jul 08, 2011 16:31
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Get your earrings out of that drawer and put them on display!

Spring is finally here –  and that calls for a good old dose of Spring Cleaning! Cleaning out junk drawers and jewelry boxes has been one of my favorite rainy-day past times lately. I have been trying to put all of that jewelry I never wear some place I might actually see it. That is how I started my obsession with earring organizers. You too can make one for under $5! And they make great gifts…

Hardware Store Earring Organizer: You will need to be good with your hands to make this one. Go to the hardware store and buy four pieces of wood and a metal screen. You will need a hammer and nails in order to nail the screen into the wooden frame. You can buy some hooks to hang necklaces at the bottomfor extra organization. Difficulty level: 7

Fabric Earring Organizer: For a funkier and cheaper earring holder look to the Goodwill for help. Buy a $3 picture frame and some type of fabric. You could easily use a sarong, or even a cheap item of clothing like the back of a blouse. You will need to cut the fabric and stretch it tightly to the edges of the picture frame. I would use wood glue, since the fabric will easily stick to the wood. You can choose colors that match your room, and just poke the earrings through the thin fabric to hang them. Difficulty level: 4

Crochet Earring Organizer: Anyone who knows how to crochet will be able to whip this up in no time. All you need is a couple of colors of yarn that cost anywhere from $3-$9 per spool. You will also need crochet needles, which run from about $9-$16. You can choose any design you like to hang on your wall. But let’s face it, not too many of us can crochet these days. In that case, either ask your grandma to make one for you, or you could even use a scarf. Hang the earrings in the holes, and voila – you have a masterpiece. Difficulty level: 10 if you have to crochet it yourself (1 if you are just sticking earrings into the holes!)

Dollar Store Earring Organizer: If you are really broke and live in the ghetto (like me) you can copy my super cheap version of the earring holder. Inspired by the Hardware Store Earring Organizer that my sister’s fiance made above, I went into the hardware store without understanding what I really needed to get. There was a Dollar Store next door, and I made a simple and cheap version. Buy a $1 plastic frame. Buy some mesh place mats and some of those small velcro patches. Cut the mesh place mat to fit the back of the frame. Stick on part of the velcro strips to the place mat, and the other to the back of the frame. Line up the velcro and stretch the place mat tightly so it is taut. The only problem is that it is too small, and my earrings don’t even look organized! Difficulty level: 2

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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

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