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Mission Munchies – Where to Soak Up Last Night’s Booze

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San Francisco boasts a number of things that make it a great city. One of these is its Mexican food. La Pinata Tortas Y Jugos is a gem.

On any given day, this place is filled with the delicious aroma of various meats, cheeses, and bread sizzling on the stove top. Stack each on top of the other an unnecessary amount of times and what do you get – a heaping pile of greasy, spicy deliciousness known as the torta. Aside from the torta, this place actually boasts a rather large menu – typical of many other Mexican joints – with items such as tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and the ultimate super burrito.

On each table you will find green chile sauce that is pure goodness. This stuff is magical. Squeeze a generous amount on each bite and your stomach will grin from love handle to love handle (or not, if you had six too many PBR’s the night before).

If you’re looking for ambiance you won’t find it here. With such great food, though, you’d never notice. To tell you the truth this place is actually pretty grimy, what with paint peeling off of the walls, what appears to be a junk yard just outside the back door, and a floor that looks like it came from an insane asylum that closed its doors in 1983. I don’t know about you, but that just made me appreciate the food even more.

If you ever find yourself cruising up and down Mission and the craving strikes, I would highly recommend a torta from this place. You can stuff your face for under eight bucks.

Next up – La Cubana – the mother of all tortas. I only saw photos, but this thing looked like it might try to eat you.

La Pinata Tortas Y Jugos 2471 Mission St. (between 20th and 21st St.) [The Mission] a

Photo courtesy of Yelper Gabe M.

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