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Land Ho! Staten Island and New Asha

Updated: Aug 06, 2011 10:24
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During sunsets, when tourists are in town, when you find yourself wanting something more, when you just want to drink on public transportation legally, there is a boat in the distance following the ray of light that trials along the water from Manhattan to Staten Island. My friend, that is the Staten Island ferry, and it is FREE and includes a nice view of the Statue of Liberty too!

But once on Staten Island, what do you do?

New Asha Sri Lanka Restaurant is only a fifteen-minute walk from the boat, and there you can find some of the best Sri Lankan food in the city. For only six bucks you can get a sampler plate with several different curries on top of a bed of basmati rice, and for a dollar you can get any of the fried appetizers, which include fish, vegetable, mutton or chicken filling. The portions are huge, the service is great, and the owner is a nice woman who works at the counter. She is very friendly and gives wonderful suggestions. Trust her.

So, next time you have a friend in town who insists on seeing Ellis Island , or sometime when you’re bored and feel like doing something different, go on an epic adventure to Staten Island and try some of the best food for the cheapest prices around. You will not be disappointed.

New Asha Shri Lankan Restaurant
322 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10301
Between Cebra Ave. and Jersey St. [Tompkinsville]

Image from NYCGO.COM

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Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

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