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Get Shwilly at the Silver Peso

Updated: Aug 22, 2011 13:19
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Dive bar in a Designer Neighborhood

This week, I am the lucky broke-ass who gets to house-sit my cousin’s awesome bay front condo in Marin. It’s it Larkspur to be exact. Larkspur is cute and quaint – and full of wealthy people who can afford to sit outside at posh restaurants on the patio whilst the sun is setting. You may be wondering how I fit in here….but never fear, I finally got to try out my longtime anticipated dive bar in the area – The Silver Peso.

I got to the Silver Peso while it was still daylight. It was just what I’d been looking for on this unassuming Monday evening. A dark, dingy bar with several pool tables, shuffle board, FREE popcorn and reasonably priced drinks. I started off with an IPA (to get the most out of my money) and it only set me back $4.50. Later on in the night I moved to lighter bottled beers, which cost $3.50, and somehow ended up drinking shots of Fernet Branca (which I prefer to call Forget Branca) which were $5 a pop. I didn’t actually forget anything until I left the bar, so luckyily I still remember the cool people and good times I had at the Silver Peso.

I think my best memory of the night was when the bartender got on the loud-speaker and shouted, “Who the fuck listens to Megadeath anymore?” as metal music blared throughout the bar. Most of the crowd looked a bit more like Steely Dan listeners, so I’m sure whoever was blasting Megadeath got ’86ed.

Overall, the Silver Peso meets all criteria for being a legit dive bar. And even more so, in a town like Larkspur. Thank God I found a cool place to hang out during my 10-day st-cation in Marin!

The Silver Peso

450 Magnolia Ave

Larkspur [North Bay]

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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

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