DIY Pringles Can Crafts

Updated: Sep 28, 2011 22:10
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One of my many weaknesses – in addition to boots, 80’s movies, tattoo’d dads and books – are potato chips. I am defenseless against a salty, crispy snack and out of all the potato chips across the lands, Pringles Original has maintained a top three position for an impressive number of years because not only do you get your crisps but you also get a nifty bonus prize in the form of a super-useful tube! Yeah. That’s right. We’re doing this: DIY Pringles tube crafts. Get on my level.

Now, obviously the tubes rock at holding things securely so they make great containers for a variety of things – however, they will need to be washed first because grease and crumbs should not factor into your crafts. After they’re clean, the tubes can be decorated in a variety of ways: covered in paper, painted, wrapped in ribbon or twine, etc. They can even be glued or bound together to form a poster library. Once they’re all purtied up, they can be used to gift cookies, organize desk supplies or kitchen tools, as a piggy bank or a gift carton, a first aid kit, or to hold baking cups… it’s a container. It contains things, it’s not rocket surgery.

Next up: bracelets. This is also pretty straightforward: cut a strip out of the tube, line with padding, pin and wrap in ribbon.

You can also cut part of the tube away in order to turn it into an impromptu home for a plant. Attach some wire at the top rim to hang.

With some Scotch tape, or electrical tape, you can fashion a quick-and-easy diffuser or snoot from a tube too – just cut out the bottom out and adhere using layers of tape. (Note: there are a couple of ways to do this – here and here – some of them more involved than others but I like to start with the easiest idea first and move up from there).

That’s sorta the beauty of the tube, a few snips a bit of tape and you can form it into any number of things: a birdhouse, a solar cooker, Halloween decorations, a shisha, a wind turbine, a wi-fi range extender – totally not joking, those are all legit. Did I miss one? Holler and let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for an excuse to eat potato chips.


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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

A freelance writer, blogger and poet based in San Francisco, Amber has written for PC World, InfoWorld, and the 16th & Mission Review. She has performed at City Hall, Litquake, the Brainwash, 16th & Mission, BlueSix, and SFSU among other places. Amber is also consummate fan of swearing, organizational freak, yoga practitioner, music geek, caffeine addict, and tattoo enthusiast who enjoys platform shoes, making out, thumb wrestling and fighting the good fight. She owns a bicycle named Gretel, a motor scooter named Elroy and a cat named Simon. She can be found in various virtual locations all over your interwebs.

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  1. Angie
    September 29, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    I love the container idea for more foods like cookies or my favorite Christmas treat Chex mix. Thanks for the idea now to find someone who still eats these.