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FREE Badminton at Open House Gallery’s Indoor Park

Updated: Jan 16, 2012 20:11
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Ah, there’s nothing I love more than a relaxing afternoon in the park.  Basking in the sun like a lizard on a rock, creepily cat-calling all of the cute dogs on walks (“Hey, you!  Check out that strut!  Ooh, I like that smile!”), and wearing my one pair of workout shorts with hopes of getting my sport on.  But alas, full-fledged parka weather has finally fallen upon NYC, making any park-related affairs far too chilly for most of us.  But don’t get your workout shorts in a bunch just yet– lucky for us, Open House Gallery has transformed itself into an indoor park, replete with plush fake grass, hammocks, food vendors, FREE WiFi, and more.  Enjoy a day at the park, and dodge the cold!

As if a FREE indoor park wasn’t enough, the space is also equipped with a FREE badminton set.  Now, I don’t actually know how to play badminton, but I did once start a tennis club during college which ended abruptly with me screaming, “But I am trying!” and running off of the court crying.  Emotional breakdown aside, I like the idea of tennis, and badminton can’t be too different, right?  Maybe not.  Anyway, I for one will be breaking out my beloved pair of athletic shorts and trekking over to Nolita to smack a birdie around with a tiny racquet.  And then lounge in a hammock while drinking a Lizzmonade (they’ll be peddling their tasty citrus beverages at the park this Thursday, January 19th).

Open House Gallery’s indoor park is open daily from noon to 8pm until February 15th.  Find a full schedule of food vendors and events at the park HERE.  Avoid the frigid temperatures, and get recreational!

Badminton at the Park
12pm-8pm Daily, until February 15th
Open House Gallery (201 Mulberry St. btwn Kenmare & Spring Sts.)

Photo credit: Open House Gallery

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Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

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