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Last Day to Eat FREE Thai Curry at MoMA!

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Admission into NYC’s MoMa is certainly pricey– at $25 general admission, you basically have to brave the horrendous crowds on the monthly free day– or dig up your student ID from ten years ago and try to pass as an 18 year old– to catch a break. Wouldn’t a FREE meal help alleviate that gutted feeling you get when thinking about disgustingly expensive museum prices? Well, don’t fret– as part of artist Rirkrit Tiravanija’s piece, Untitled (Free/Still), MoMA is serving up FREE (with the cost of admission) thai curry on it’s second floor.  But hurry– the exhibition ends tomorrow, February 8th.

Cooked in the museum’s kitchen and served up to the gallery, Tiravanija’s art/culinary work deals with the “anthropological” idea of food. According to the artist, it’s not about the art (a.k.a, the delicious curry), but how strangers interact with the food, and each other. It’s also about eating “art”– an idea which makes me giggle, because I picture some crazed tourist taking a bite out of the Mona Lisa or something. Anyway, enough about the intellectual concept– won’t you feel better about that expensive MoMA admission when you wash down all of that fine art with some fine-ass, FREE curry? I know I will.

More information about Tiranvanija’s Untitled (Free/Still) can be found HERE. Feed your artistic appetite, literally and figuratively.

Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Untitled (Free/Still)
Tuesday, February 7th, 12pm-3pm
FREE with museum admission
MoMA (11 W. 53rd St.)

Photo credit: Midtown Lunch

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