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Get FURIOUS on Friday Nights

Updated: Mar 16, 2012 16:56
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In case you hadn’t noticed, the improv scene is blowing up in San Francisco. That’s partly in thanks to Endgames Improv, who have modeled their shows after the brilliant Upright Citizens Brigade Theater of Los Angeles and New York.

Endgames has a new show starting next week and for the next several Fridays called “Furious,”:

This Spring, join EndGames Improv as your real life frustrations inspire our brand new, completely improvised, comedy show: FURIOUS. Friday nights in SF, your true, every day pet peeves become the highlight of your weekend. The cast of improvisers take your suggestions and creates a brand new show every week in two different long form improv formats (Soundtrack and The Harold). Cmon, let’s sweat the small stuff!

For those of you not in the improv know, lucky for you, I am; A “Harold” is a series of improvised scenes around a same theme, and “Soundtrack” inspires improvised scenes from songs chosen by the audience.

Advance tickets are $10 but here’s the good news: if you follow Endgames on Twitter and Facebook, they often offer discounts. Also, if you go to the show, you can stick around for their free show Your F*cked Up Relationship at 10:30. That’s about four hours of improv hilarity for $10. Not a bad way to spend a Friday Night.

Furious, presented by Endgames
Friday Nights, 8:00pm, March 16-May 25
Alcove Theater, 414 Mason at Geary
[Union Square]

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