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Goodbye, Summer

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Yesterday the skies were covered in a quilted blanket of grey skies, and as I stood there holding the petite blue umbrella that just barely sheltered me from the rain, it dawned on me that the Summer was over. Officially the warm weathered season’s final day is on Friday, September 21st, but college campuses have already opened their doors and the younger children will be heading back inside their classrooms to learn their ABC’s. And with only a few days left in August and the heat clearly dissipating, it’s obvious that the carefree days of Summer 2012 have ended.

As Boyz II Men once said, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” So let’s take the time to reminisce on all the crazy parties, free outdoor movies and the countless summer concerts. Your body may never forgive you but you’ll never forget those sleepless nights spent walking the clouds with a bottle of Heineken and a few friendly strangers. Look back on that massive headache not as a reason to stop drinking, but as a reminder of a fun filled night of hazy flashbacks you’ll never forget, or you can warmly remember those days you couldn’t wait to get out of work just so you could hang out with your friends.

Did you have a Summer fling? Wasn’t that exciting? Did you take a day out to bask under the sun’s beaming ultraviolet rays? How liberating was the sensation of walking along the beach with the soft sand beneath your feet, filling in every crevice between your toes? Do you think you’ll ever have another summer like the one you just had?

They say that Spring is the season for a new beginning, the birth of a fresh start, well if so; Summer must be the season of euphoric exploration. You challenge yourself inside of your new environment, that new state of mind, or the new path of spirituality you walk. You push your limits in order to prove to yourself you have none. The city may have kept moving at a rapid pace, but when you take a step back you’re hit with the realization that you’re gradually learning how to master the uninhibited avenues of life, it’s no longer a race as the urgency to scurry along ceases and you allow this existence to come to you.

With just a few days left in the month of August and about three weeks left until the Fall, those of us that yearn for an encore performance from the Summer have one small opportunity left. But then, we must bid the Summer farewell. I’m neither sad nor happy; I just simply understand that nothing lasts forever. I’ll see the Summer again next year, but for now this broke-ass writer is ready for hoodie season. So in the words of Green Day, “Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last, wake me up when September ends.”

Goodbye, Summer.

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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