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FREE Friday Night Comedy: Late Night Basement w/ Chris Rose at the Pine Box Rock Shop

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Once again, Late Night Basement hosted by Chris Rose, one of the most entertaining (and FREE) comedy shows in Brooklyn has returned! On Friday, July 19th, at the Pine Box Rock Shop, the show will feature NY1’s 16 year-veteran newscaster, Pat Kierman, who has made cameos in Iron Man 3 and Law & Order, amongst other movie and television appearances.

Also, the crowd at the Pine Box Rock Shop will be serenaded by the comical shenanigans of writer of Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show and Roast of Charlie Sheen, Kurt Metzger, and comedic performer for MTV’s Guy Code, College Humor, and the web series Homo Thugs, Jermaine Fowler.

Late Night Basement has featured Andrew W.K, Big Pete from Nickelodeon’s Pete & Pete, and a number of well-known stand-up comedians, comedy writers, and local celebrities. For more information about Late Night Basement, please follow them on Facebook, catch their videos on Youtube, and check out their Tumblr.

Laugh, drink, and talk to some funny and interesting people.

Late Night Basement with Chris Rose
Friday, July 19th at 9pm
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St Brooklyn, NY
[East Williamsburg]

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