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Yes, young, broke and beautiful readership, you read that right.  We here at BAS have put together our very first election endorsement.

It may seem odd to some that Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website would presume to offer our last, moth-bitten two cents in the political arena- tacos, dives, fairs, and freaky-deaky local culture being topics we usually traffic in.

But that is precisely why your good friend, Stu, decided it was finally time to throw his porkpie in the ring.  You see, like your fearless editor, many of us raconteurs, flâneurs, and bohémiennes here on staff have been carrying on with the misty muse that is the Barbary Coast for some time, and much like those said mists do every late September, the city we fell so hard for many moons ago seems to be evaporating with every blink.

Don’t get us wrong.  Change is inevitable, often for the better, and very much part of San Francisco’s history.  So are, however, confidence men, graft and getting shanghaied.

Which is why we decided to jot down and share with you some of the people and props we think might help us avoid any possible shell games or slow boat rides towards bleak horizons that ain’t so freaky.

And, not to worry, whereas we may not be master politicos, we happen to keep good company with those that are.  Case in point, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club Co-President, Tom Temprano has graciously shared his thoughts on the Assembly Race, School Board Race and Prop’s G & J below.  Some of you may know him as DJ Carnita from Hard French or one of the delightful proprietors of Virgil’s Sea Room, but much of his life is also dedicated to the Milk Club and progressive politics at City Hall.

We are also rounding out our recommendations based on the sage advice of the League Pissed-Off Voters and the late, great San Francisco Bay Guardian, which not only provided many of this staff with incredible opportunity but also shaped our visions of the Golden West.

So, without further adieu, we give you Broke-Ass Stuart’s 2014 Goddamn Election Endorsements:



Congress, District 12:?

Meh, this is kinda tough.  Pelosi?  I mean she’s going to win, right?  I mean don’t vote for the other guy, but like the Guardian says, “While Pelosi gets vilified by conservatives as the quintessential San Francisco liberal, she’s actually way too moderate for our tastes.”  Still, they endorsed her, as did Milk.

Congress, District 14: JACKIE SPEIER

You got to love Jackie, and all three of our consultants do.  I mean, the woman’s the real deal.  I don’t think most of us would have carried on a life of public service after getting shot by a death squad the same week Harvey Milk and George Moscone were assassinated.  When you bleed out on a jungle tarmac and still want to fight for things like keeping City College open, it’s safe to say you got our back.



Governor: EDMUND G. “Jerry” BROWN, JR.

Although, not quite as progressive as he once was, Milk, Guardian and League all say, Brown.  So the Browns have it and we cast our moonbeam toward thee, Jerry.

Lieutenant Governor: ?

The Guardian says give the Gav a second chance, but Milk and the League ain’t touching this one.  He’s anti-drug war, but is also trying to tell us our votes don’t matter.  Or do they??  Your guess is as good as ours.

Secretary of State: ALEX PADILLA

All three say Padilla is the guy.

Attorney General: ?

Ugh.  Kamala Harris seems cool and has all three endorsements, but like the League points out, she’s anti weed legalization among other things.

Controller: BETTY YEE

She wasn’t top choice in the primary, but has all three endorsements now.

Treasurer: JOHN CHIANG

He’s got all three and according to the League, “As Controller, Chiang was pretty effective — he even got sassy with the Governor and legislators in 2011, threatening to dock their pay because their so-called balanced budget was based on a bunch of accounting tricks. Rawr!”

Insurance Commissioner: DAVE JONES

Milk, SFBG, and the League feel he’s a solid choice.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: TOM TORLAKSON

In addition to the three-point endorsement, he’s an incumbent who was a schoolteacher and doesn’t want to feed kids crap.

Board of Equalization, District 2: ?

She’s got two out of three, but the League points out that Fiona Ma was pretty conservative when she was a SF supervisor and backed by a lot of money.  It looks like she’ll win though.


State Assembly, District 17: DAVID CAMPOS!!!

Besides having the backing of all three, David is our guy!  He’s been supervisor of the Mission since 2008 and about as real as you’re going to get.  To explain, we have this from HMDC Co-Prez, Tom Temprano:

Here’s what it is: The Assembly Race between David Campos & David Chiu

Here’s why it’s important: This seat was previously held by Tom Ammiano, which means there are some SERIOUS shoes to fill. The person who gets to go to Sacramento from the Eastern half of SF is going to have to be a) fabulous and b) willing to be the strongest voice for tenants possible as all the major changes we want to see locally (Ellis Act Reform, the end of Prop. 13) need to happen at the State level. Plus, the next person to win this seat can hold it for up to twelve years so lets not mess it up.

Here’s what I think you should do: DAVID CAMPOS all the way. Not only does he have Tom Ammiano’s blessing but he’s endorsed by the people who I like to think of as the heart of San Francisco: nurses, teachers, the Sierra Club, tenant organizations and of course the Harvey Milk Club. He’s passed legislation making it more expensive to Ellis Act tenants, created the first-in-the-country buffer zones around Planned Parenthood to protect patients from protestors and even gave free MUNI passes to all of our city’s low-income youth. That is what San Francisco values are all about.

PLUS, David Chiu has had nearly a million dollars pumped into nasty mailers on his behalf by billionaires. If that doesn’t make you nervous about who he’ll listen to in Sacramento, I don’t know what will.” 

There you have it kids.  Vote for David.  Seriously, we need him in Sacramento.

State Assembly, District 19: PHIL TING

Oh, Phil.  We are giving you a second chance even though you gave the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge to WILLIE BROWN (????????)  EMPEROR NORTON, señor, NOT the puppet master!  Yes, they both wore dead animals and bold headgear in public, but only one’s hangtown-fried brain conceived the unnerving marvel.

HOWEVER, when it comes to renters and harm reduction you are a swell dude, so yes, please vote for him.  Willie Brown..yeesh.



Assessor Recorder- ?

We dunno.  The Guardian seems to like Carmen Chu okay, but also says she’s chummy with downtown and landlords.  Milk and the League won’t touch.  Sorry we don’t have more here.

Public Defender: JEFF ADACHI

The guy has principles and been doing a good job of protecting the poor and trying to re-integrate recently released prisoners into city life, plus he’s got all three supporting him.

Supervisor, District 2- ?

The Guardian ranks conservative Mark Farrell as first choice, and Juan- Antonio Carballo in second, with the League tagging Carballo and the Milk taking no position.  Farrell strangely enough, seems to be guy making things happen that David Chiu keeps claiming to be, but Carballo is progressive, which would be nice in the Marina.  Weird, but nice.

Supervisor, District 4: ?

Katy Tang’s the incumbent, but you have to second-guess someone appointed by our current mayor and who thinks building high rises on sand is a good idea.  The Guardian endorsed her but Milk and the League declined.

Supervisor, District 6: JANE KIM

Jane is from progressive roots, but sometimes seems a little quick to compromise.  Still she has the backing of all three with Jamie Whitaker being the Guardian’s second choice.  It’s hard being supe of SoMa and the Tenderloin these days, but we think her heart is in the right place.

Supervisor, District 8: ?

This is not a very good year for the district races, and the Castro is the official depressing epicenter.  The Wiener-mobile seems destined to rattle towards the finish line with the Guardian’s No. 1 endorsement and his highest opponents being naked guy George Davis (Guardian’s No.2) and the constantly incensed, rainbow burqa-bedecked Michael Petrelis.  Of course, we can’t presume to know the outcome to this shit show, but it’s looking like District 8 has another term looming above them.

Supervisor, District 10: TONY KELLY

Tony has the number one with all three, with Milk and the League endorsing Ed Donaldson as your number two choice.  The Guardian says Malia Cohen deserves that slot, but it doesn’t really seem that way.  Bayview, Hunter’s Point and Visitacíon Valley need strong leadership and advocacy, which both guys seem to have way over Cohen.


Board of Education may seem abstract especially if you don’t have kids, but the city’s schools need help bad. Here’s Tom to give you the lowdown once again:

“Here’s what it is: The School Board Race

Here’s why it’s important: Despite us living in one of the wealthiest cities in the country our public schools are chronically underfunded. We can blame a lot of that on Prop 13, but we also know we need real leadership on the Board of Education to make a real change. Matt Haney, who got elected in 2012, has been an ass kicker and name taker on the board and we want to give him some company. It’s like Whitney Houston said – “I believe the children are our future” so lets make sure we have the right people fighting for them. 

Here’s what we think you should do:
STEVON COOK – Stevon was born and raised in San Francisco and is the kind of success story we want to see more of out of our public schools. He made the most of the system and now is eager to give back. Plus he’s young, driven and is poised to make some serious waves around town for a long time.

JAMIE RAFAELA-WOLFE – currently the Board of Education has NO LGBT members and it has never ever had a transgender member. That is total BS, especially when you consider that even in our public schools here in San Francisco transgender students are bullied more, are more likely to consider suicide and are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. It’s time that we give trans kids in our schools a voice and Jamie will give the trans community a much needed seat at the table.

MARK MURPHY – another great LGBT candidate for a board that has none. Mark is seriously committed to our schools – his husband is a public school teacher – and would bring some serious commitment to helping queer students.

SHAMANN WALTON – technically you only get to vote for 3 people but we’re going to talk about four. Shaman has been working with kids in the Bayview for years and those are exactly the kids we need to be helping in our schools. He and Stevon are also the only two candidates endorsed by our city’s teachers union, UESF, and we do love our teachers.”

Community College Board (4 Year Seats): WENDOLYN ARAGON, BRIGITTE DAVILA, THEA SELBY

Community College Board (2 Year Seats): WILLIAM WALKER

All three of our sources say yes for all of these candidates.  Technically the board was dissolved because of the nightmare that is CCSF right now, but all of these candidates have the background and integrity to protect one of the city’s most important assets when they re-convene.

BART Board, District 8: ?

This one is tough.  Josefowitz is the “progressive” in theory, but opposes Prop. G (see below) and helped kill CleanPowerSF.  Fang is a Republican with a shady background who recently walked with strikers.  The Guardian endorses Josefowitz, but Milk and the League abstain.  As the league says, “Hold your nose and pick your poison.”

San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Place 20: DANIEL FLORES

Hometown boy made good with a strong background in defense and civil rights and who took the endorsement circuit by storm.  He seems like a genuine guy who wants to give back.



Proposition 1- Water bond: ?

We might literally be up shit creek in a couple of years.  California’s water problem is a complicated problem, but this will basically help stop the bleeding, but will also lead to more damns.  Guardian says no, but Milk and League say yes.

Proposition 2- State Budget — Budget Stabilization Account: ?

Increases state “rainy day fund”, but seems like there is more to it than that.  Milk says yes, League says no, and Guardian says yes.

Proposition 45- Healthcare Insurance — Rate Changes: YES

Makes insurance companies have to justify rate hikes and said hikes have to be approved by the insurance commissioner.  Yes, obvs.  All three say yes.

Proposition 46- Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors — Medical Negligence Lawsuits: NO

This shit is creepy.  They keep saying it’s to raise the damages cap in malpractice lawsuits, but what they don’t say is that it will require health workers to submit to random drug and alcohol testing and mandate doctors to look up your history before issuing a prescription.  Um, no.  Guardian and League agree; Milk doesn’t take a position.

Proposition 47- Criminal Sentences — Misdemeanor Penalties: YES

This will finally start to dismantle the industrial prison hydra that is the California penal system.  Nonviolent crime gets reduced to misdemeanors and the savings are used to help crime prevention and re-entry programs.  YES.  All three agree.

Proposition 48- Indian Gaming Compacts: ?

The Guardian seems to think the benefits outweigh the negatives here, but it’s honestly hard to tell.  The League breaks it down as an unfair pitting of two tribes against each other through no fault of their own with the Guardian saying the risks of gambling becoming legalized statewide are unrealistic.  Milk and League abstain; Guardian says yes.



Proposition A- San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement Bond: YES

Muni is a busted agency, but the money here is for the long term overhauls and money for bikes, pedestrians and safety.  All three say yes.

Proposition B- Adjusting Transportation Funding For Population Growth: YES

This also adds money and can help insure that the mayor gets reigned in and that Vehicle Licensing Fee gets passed.  Milk and Guardian say yay; League, nay.

Proposition C- Children’s Fund; Public Education Enrichment Fund; Children and Families Council; Rainy Day Reserve: YES

It renews school program, homeless youth and healthcare funding for kids for another 25 years.  Everyone says yes.

Proposition D- Retiree Health Benefits for Former Redevelopment Agency and Successor Agency Employees: YES

The agency’s history, like the League says, is “complicated” at best.  Nonetheless it’s just about everyone getting a fair shake that has served the city.  Everyone’s in.

Proposition E- Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: ?

Jesus, has this been an ugly one.  Soda companies run the gamut from small operations to evil monster conglomerates that push the equivalent of sugar “crack” on low-income kids.  Taxing said low-income communities is regressive and poorly timed in a city being transformed into a playground exclusively for the wealthy.  Your call guys.

Proposition F: Pier 70: YES

Pier 70 has an eerie beauty oxidizing in the shadows of the once mighty Bethlehem Steel.  This promises to be a responsible development project that will integrate all important aspects of the area and is backed by the Sierra Club.  Plus, regardless of how you vote, this is an opportunity to flex that muscle you acquired in June with Proposition B.


Proposition G- Anti-Speculation Tax: YES!!!!!!

This one is huge.  Take it away Tom:

“Here’s what it is: Proposition G

Here’s why it’s important: Real estate speculation is a REAL problem here in San Francisco. Companies are gobbling up rent-controlled apartments, evicting all the tenants and then selling them ASAP for a huge profit as condos. In the least affordable city in America the last thing we need are people selling out our few affordable units. Plus, most of the people getting booted out of their homes can’t afford to market rate rents and are being driven out of the city – these people include families, seniors, artists, drag queens, djs, just about anyone without a six figure income.

Here’s what we think you should do: YES ON G, YES YES YES ON G. Harvey Milk actually tried to pass a similar bill to this way back in 1978 when he was assassinated. Imagine how different SF would be if we had dealt with speculators then? Unfortunately quite a bit of damage has been done but it isn’t too late to stop the bleeding. G is a simple, narrowly tailored solution to the problem that would target people that buy a building with NO interest in being landlords and every interest in kicking people out for a quick buck. Don’t buy the lies that the real estate industry is selling – the biggest threat to our homes is real estate speculation. Plus, if you actually hope to buy a home in the city some day (good luck!) you should be pissed at the speculators for driving up prices and stick it to them by voting yes on G.”

Everyone agrees with Tom on this one.

Proposition H- Requiring Certain Golden Gate Park Athletic Fields To Be Kept As Grass With No Artificial Lighting: YES

Proposition I- Renovation of Playgrounds, Walking Trails, and Athletic Fields: NO

These are both about the park and both basically ensuring the fake turf doesn’t get installed at the windmills or that giant lights will either.   Both the lighting and the fake turf are toxic and dangerous to local wildlife and possibly even you.  Plus, remember the Dropbox guys in the Mission?  Let’s avoid a seaside version of that please.   Guardian and League and agree on I, with Guardian dissenting and League withholding on H.  Milk agrees on both.


Proposition J- Raise The Minimum Wage: YES!!!!

We know we’re preaching to the choir here, but here’s Mr. Temprano’s thoughts again:

“Here’s what it is: Proposition J

Here’s what it is: Proposition J would raise the minimum wage here in San Francisco to $15 by 2018 with increases coming every year before then. This would make perfect sense in a city with the highest rents in the country (we don’t care what they say about New York – we all know someone who is paying cheap rent in Bushwick). The people who really need some help being able to afford our ridiculous rents are the people who are making minimum wage – parents working multiple jobs trying to keep a roof over their families heads, young people who just moved here because they heard it was a place you could make your dreams come true, you me and mostly everyone we know. 

Here’s what we think you should do: This is a no-brainer. Do you make anything less than $15 an hour? Do you want a raise to help you make ends meet in our crazy city? THEN VOTE. You can literally vote yourself into a pay raise. When will you ever have the chance to do that again?”

Proposition K: Affordable Housing: YES

Affordable housing?  Ha!  Who wants that??  Yes, this one seems obvious but is kind of weird.  It started strong and ended up sort of a general guideline for the mayor and developers.  It has baby teeth though, so it’s worth voting yes on.  Guardian and Milk agree; League says “no position.”

Prop L- Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities: NO

This one sounds like it was culled from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  This is shitty, pro-auto, “fuck-off-pedestrians/bikers- I-want-to-park-my-shiny-new-toy-for-free” legislation.  All agreed- vote “no”.


Well, broke-asses, there you have it:  our first, official voter guide!  How’d it grab you?  Piss you off?  Think we are pinnacles of civic involvement?  Wish this was telling you where a happy hour is currently running?  Let it fly in the comments section!  But most importantly get out and VOTE!!  ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2014.  LAST CHANCE TO MAIL IN ABSENTEES IS HALLOWE’EN, FRIDAY OCTOBER 31, 2014.

And speaking of happy hours, stay tuned for all of our recommendations on where the best election night parties are to be had and where you can imbibe for a discount for performing your civic duty!  See you at the ballot box San Francisco!



Editor’s note:  Stephen Torres, a contributor to this post is also on the board of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club.

Images from Families for An Affordable San Francisco, Uptown Almanac, Speculation Free San Francisco, and San francisco Deserves a Raise.

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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