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Why It Makes No Sense to Own a Car in SF…Unless you Share it!

Updated: Jun 11, 2015 12:48
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If you live in any city now a days, it makes absolutely no sense to own a car… Unless you share it!

It costs an average of $7800 a year to own a car, 1.3 million parking tickets are written per year (that would make 7 of those mine),  not to mention there are 250 million cars in existence! Luckily there are car sharing companies like Getaround which are flipping these old school ownership fallacies on their misguided heads!

The number one hang up I hear from people is “I just don’t want strangers in my car,” yet they will go to a bar and hook up with ST-Dee McGee that same evening. Look, I can’t go back in time to Kindergarten and teach you the principles of sharing nor am I going to break a nail convincing you to bring in $500+ hassle free extra income a month! However, while you are breaking your back to pay your rent and scrounge for beer money, visualize me using my car when ever I want it and using that extra money to live the good life!

Yes, I literally made $517 for sharing my Smart car 18 times last month (and average earnings in SF are around $800 for active owners)!  You can rent ‘Napoleon’ yourself in Hayes Valley (in my YES, subsidized Getaround parking spot) if you don’t believe me!

As you can see, I set my rental rates, my calendar of when my baby is available, and whether or not I want to meet each renter or use a “instant book” car kit where I don’t even have to be there to exchange the keys!

These are some of the pretty people (below) or “strangers” that rented my car. Like I said before, I guarantee I have more background information on these guys than your last date! Out of all the people who rented my car, I had no damage to my car, no cleanliness issues, or timeliness problems retuning the car. You see, there is GPS on the car kit and calendar where I am able to reserve when I want to use the car first priority! Every renter brought my car back with a full tank of gas. One Getaround driver even left some flowers from a catering job! True story!

As an owner, Getaround charges 40% for their services which include 24 hour phone support, a car kit that allows renters to book and unlock your car with their smart phone (so you don’t have to handoff your keys, what a pain!), and $1M in insurance! Its an insane deal when you do the math. As you saw above, out of the $831.99 my car made for those 18 trips, I got to  $517.51 deposited right into my bank account from Getaround!

I happen to lease my 2013 Smart care for $170 a month, plus $86 insurance, and $160 subsidized parking spot. At the end of the day, I get a hassle free, brand new car I can trade in every 3 years, with a parking spot 1 block form my house, and  about $100 bucks extra per month!

So start benefiting from this new paradigm where access beats out ownership every day of the week! There’s a $1,000 monthly earnings guarantee in the first 3 months, but everyone makes way more!

For more detailed information on how to live the rich life thru sharing, check out this lil book I co-authored called!

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A. Rose

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