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BAS Pride in Pictures 2015

Updated: Jul 06, 2015 16:11
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Sf Pride 2015 was one roller coaster of a ride!  History was made when the Supreme Court  finally handed down its much-belated decision that marriage was a right for all and that love reigned even more supreme than itself.  Yet the struggle at home was just as real as it has ever been.  

People of colour, the homeless, working class, artists and more struggle on the brink of extinction in a city that, until recently, was know for it’s inclusivity and empathy associated with its namesake.  

In the Mission, homophobia reared it’s ugliness against the well-established and integral queer community when works like the Galería de la Raza and the artists behind the Q-Sides and Por Vida were threatened with violence, their work defaced.

And yet, at shows like #HoldingOnToSF and the actions of the #MyNameIs campaign we felt the strength of our numbers and the knowledge that we have the power to continue to fight for our beautiful city at the edge of the world.  

Our BAS Pride 2015 division really outdid themselves this year.  Our contributing staff included Joshua Abeyta, Emma Goyette, Ernesto Malinis, and Angela Van Den Eeden as well as the contributions of everyday citizens about town.  We hope you enjoy the gorgeous panorama in living colour. xo- Stephen Torres, San Francisco Editor


Pride Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Humpdays with Harvey and 48 Hills Present: Pullin’ Pork For Pride

The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club partnered with 48 Hills this year to resurrect the annual Pullin’ Pork For Pride beer bust as part of their monthly Humpdays with Harvey happy hours.  Succulent meat was provided by the Mission institution, Casa Sanchez, and the Pilsner Inn generously provided the space for and afternoon of  suds and sexy politics.  Photos by Joshua Abeyta.

HMDC and BAS favourite Bus Station John with Tom Temprano and Nate Albee.


The welcome wagon.


Pork’s all gone.


Pride Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pride Nightlife at the Academy

Once again wild creatures convened under the stars.  Heklina provided banter as mistress of the evening and the atrium was flush with the stylings of  deejays Jenna Riot, workalook, Carnita, Brown Amy, Ajai Nicole, as bodies communed with sound and science.  Photos by Joshua Abeyta.

Mahlae as she slays.



The proudest Mary of them all, Ms. Heklina.


The Lexington Presents: Pride Kick-Off @ Virgil’s

The doors may be shuttered of the iconic dive on the corner of 19th and Lex, but like we shed our mortal husks, the spirit lives on as a one-stop shop for community events and activism.  The quarters were tight, the hooch strong and smooches all night long.  Photos by Angela Van Den Eeden.


Pride Friday, June 26, 2015

Marriage Equality For All

News broke early Friday morning, that the much anticipated ruling had been handed down:  the highest court in the land had finally acknowledged that the LGBT community was, indeed, entitled to the same right to marry as “a man and woman”.  It had been a long struggle with roots in the city itself.  Not to be camera-shy, various electeds took to the podium before the assembled populace on the steps of the State Building.  Photos by Joshua Abeyta.

Power Through Visibility: Trans March 2015

As the day segued into the late afternoon the city cam alive with spontaneous celebration and annual traditions burned especially bright, such as the Trans March as it snaked it way from Mission Dolores to United Nations Plaza.  Photos by Joshua Abeyta.

HMDC Co-president Laura Thomas and her partner, Kanani Kauka.


Laverne looks on.




Day of Decision Celebration on Castro Street

And in true SF form, the city took to the streets early in the afternoon Friday and going into early morning Saturday.  Photos by Joshua Abeyta.

No papal bull here.



#HoldingOnToSF @ The Incline Gallery

Meanwhile, across town in the Mission, local activista-glamazon, Persia and her partner, DJ Tori assembled a massive collection of local artists to bring home the bleak future that the local, queer artistic community faces in the wake of unregulated rents, lack of housing, and the destruction of one community space after another.  Some presented their take on queer themes, while others took the opportunity to provide commentary on the crisis at hand through a queer lens.  Photos by Joshua Abeyta.


The adorable DJ Tori.


Your Friday night photographer, Mr. Abeyta.




Pink Saturday, June 27, 2015

The 2015 Dyke March

The verdant, newly re-opened slopes of Mission Dolores Park were once again alive with the sound of sisterhood as the Pink Saturday festivities began with the annual Dyke March.  Not to be contained by arbitrary routing at the hands of the city, the march breached its barricades to honour the original route of the march and pay respect to bastions of female culture in the neighbourhood such as the Women’s Building, and, the now fallen, Amelia’s (Elbo Room) and Lexington Club.  Photos by Emma Goyette.


The 2015 Pink Party

Fraught with problems and violence, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence walked away from the annual Pink Saturday Party in the Castro and it was taken over by the SF LGBT Center.  Ending early, it was still a bit of a shit show, but people had a good time none the less.  Photos by Ernesto Malinis.




Pound Puppy Pride: Featuring Vienetta Discotheque

The canine collective threw the boys some bones at their annual Pride (read: sluttier) version of their monthly puppy pile.  Always trying to keep the tails wagging, they keep lockdown on cameras after 11, but let us have a few preview shots beforehand.  Photos by Ernesto Malinis.



The receiving line.



Haus of Towers Presents Phallus in Wonderland

The doyenne of the dungeon decided to take the Carroll’s mindfuck a back room rinse in the old Stars space, now known as the Empire Room.  No cost was, seemingly spared, as toadstools and tea cups led you blearily down the rabbit’s hole.  Photos by Ernesto Malinis.

Cake for days. No doubt been spiked a few times.


Afterglow: Pink Saturday Black Light Discoteque

Comfort & Joy’s yearly city side incarnation of their Black Rock brand of magic was probably the best attended party all evening, er…I mean morning…maybe I should just plead the Fifth, here.  It was gorgeous and the reason why most people slept until 8 p.m. the next day.  Sane people anyway.  Photos by Ernesto Malinis.



Shine bright like a black light.



Miss Rahni in blue.


Pride Sunday, June 28, 2015

The 45th Annual Pride Celebration and Parade

No stranger to controversy, this year’s parade proved no different when the Pride Board got in hot water due to accepting substantial donations from AirBnB and Facebook.  

Facebook’s bait and switch in regards to its “real names” policy had caused outrage across multiple communities due to many factors, but mostly in regards to opening up various groups and communities up to vulnerability and danger whether it was victims of domestic abuse, queer youth or medical professionals.  It also negates the sovereignty of other groups such as First Nations.

Leading the charge at Compton’s and Stonewall, trans and drag activists have been at the front lines of this battle as well, most notably performers such as Sister Roma and Lil’ Miss Hot Mess.  In solidarity the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, CCSF Board Candidate Tom Temprano, and Supervisor David Campos marched with the #MyNameIs contingent down Market Street.  Photos by Ernesto Malinis.

CCSF Board candidate Tom Temprano and HMDC Co-President, Peter Galotta.



Official SF Pride VIP Party

While the crowds dispersed from the parade route, the festivities began to start under the rotunda.  With Vivvyanne ForeverMORE!  at the helm of the afternoon’s entertainment, queens performed while the masses tippled on Smirnoff and noshed on everything from oysters to barbecue.  Photos by Ernesto Malinis.

Your talent wrangler, Miss Vivvy.


La Bella Donna.


Today City Hall is literally Sue Casa.




Hard French Los Homos V: Featuring ESG

When it comes to throwing down a party on Pride, Hard French has got it nailed down.  With quite possible something for everyone, the cavernous Mezzanine was filled to the brim and overflowed onto Stevenson Alley for a block party in the diffused sunshine.  A brass band erupted in the midddle of the dance floor until Persia, who apparently is cast from iron, commanded the stage to bring on a farewell performance from ESG that felt like it actually might bring the house down.  It’s hard to imagine Hard French topping itself, but every year they somehow manage it.  Photos by Ernesto Malinis.



The enchanting Marke Bieschke and David Schnur.



La power couple.


Chicana Wonder Woman.



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unity Rally for the “Por Vida” Mural at the Galería de la Raza

Much has been written about the awful saga that began early this June with what were two of the best nights this writer has experienced in the Mission and, more over, the city in sometime.  Shortly after the “Q-Sides” and “Por Vida” installations went up at the Galería de la Raza, a small minority of frightened people began a vociferous attack on the artists and gallery itself culminating in the burning of the latter the Monday following Pride.

David Campos’ office quickly arranged for a rally at the gallery that assembled every possible neighbourhood institution and group to show that we are united, and that the queer community always has been and continues to be an integral part of the Mission.

In the face of so much hatred, it was incredible to feel the relief of knowing that we still are the city so many of us fear we may had already lost.  That in numbers of over four-hundred people, we stood together in a light rain and remained family still.

From the Galería de la Raza. Photo by David Waggoner. Photo by David Waggoner. Photo from the Galería de la Raza.


Jesus.  Well that was Pride as it happened in 2015.  Sometimes it painfully took us off guard, but within our community lies our greatest strength.  Hope you enjoyed our little retrospective and stay tuned for Folsom!

The End



See you next year. xo



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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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