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I got to hang out with comedy duo Kris Acimovic and Laura Grey aka ‘CrazyBitch/CrazyPussy‘ in Union Square a few days ago. These ladies are as funny off the stage as they are on. Their sharp wit and endearing modesty made them an absolute joy to chat with. I came to know they by complete chance of wondering into the UCB Chelsea a month ago. I loved the show so much I went back last week. From there I knew I had to find out more about the UCB wondergals.

The two Northwestern grads didn’t travel in the same circles in college but knew each other. And a chance meeting (via Arcade Fire’s Creative Director) brought these two together in New York City and for that we are grateful.

Image via Laura Grey

Kris and Laura have amazing chemistry and compliment each other perfectly. Each bringing a different  perspective to their feminist sketch show. And you would totally except different outlooks from a sorority girl and a theater geek.

Laura nurtured her comedy skills while in Chicago, working with Second City, touring, and writing. She felt she had hit a ceiling in that realm bringing her to New York. Kris was working a marketing job in Chicago and upon moving here, her mom gifted her a class at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. “I took the first one and thought it was alright, then I took a second one. I thought it was fun. By the time I got to the fourth class the teacher said ‘I can see you’re serious about it.’ I wasn’t sure but I was far enough down the rabbit hole and couldn’t turn back.”

Image via Laura Grey

The jumping off point for the creation of ‘CrazyBitch/CrazyPussy’ was born off real experiences. Kris said, “It’s that constant worry of being perceived as or called crazy or a bitch and how you always have to walk this line.” Laura expressed how they were just talking about things that happened in their lives not thinking about a comedy show. “I had planned a wedding and was thinking a lot about that space…and how women are seen as emotionally volatile during that time.” Laura goes on to make a brilliant analogy, “It’s like being a CEO and you’re planning a really big party. And you’re paying thousands of dollars and something goes wrong you would except someone to be angry but when women do it they’re accused of being emotional.” This very subject led to the closer of the show, dubbed it ‘Bridzilla.’

Laura explains the crux of this show is instances where women are mislabeled as crazy, but incorporating moments where you did act crazy and to show your own fear of being called crazy. “You’re marginalized as a women so quickly when you are labeled as crazy,” Kris adds. The heart of the show is in the universal experience of being a women and these ladies are able to blend real life and fantasy to express that.

This really comes together in the IFC/UCB web series Faeries, that they both wrote and star in. Much like CrazyBitch/CrazyPussy it’s steeped in everyday lady issues but in a supernatural world. And it translates unbelievably well. Each skit is about 2 minutes and are well worth a peak. Even spirtely creatures have to deal with hangovers, office politics, and how hard it is to find someone to make mischief with, because the, “Elders don’t give a fig about women’s issues.” 

Image via Laura Grey

I’ve seen the show two times now and have taken something different away and the show still felt new to me. It’s absolutely evident that Kris and Laura enjoy the material they are putting forth, but more importantly they believe in it. This truly shines through in each performance.  Kris said how it’s such an interesting time for feminism and a show like this hit just at the right time, “Feminism is having a moment right now.”

“Your problems as a women are evergreen,” Laura jokes as Kris adds, “Depending on where I am in my cycle today we might have a different show on the day.” Crazy Bitch/CrazyPussy has as Laura said, “Some real meat and gristle,” and doesn’t just feel like skits strung together, there’s something that you can really take away from it. There is substance that feels true through multifaceted characters because being female is such an accessible topic.

If you are looking for something fun and well worth $5 I highly suggest checking out their show tonight at the UCB Chelsea. They will also have a show the following Monday on the 3rd of August. Both shows are at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased through the UCB’s website.

Keep in update with Kris and Laura on their Tumblr page.

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