19 May 2023

Liarmouth: Aubrey Plaza in conversation with John Waters

San Franciscans packed the Sydney Goldstein Theatre last Tuesday May 9, 2023 for a taste of filth. John Waters’s new novel LIARMOUTH…a feel-bad romance was just released on paperback. To celebrate this event, the great people at City Arts & Lecture brought actor Aubrey Plaza for a conversation with the

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09 May 2023

Mental Health Comedy Hour is Insanely Funny

Mental Health is no joke, but sometimes it can make you laugh. Laugh about the hard stuff during Mental Health Comedy Hour at The All Out Comedy Theater in Oakland on Friday, May 12th. This Saturday, May 13th, they will be in SF at Strut. May is Mental Health Awareness

Outside a restaurant.
08 May 2023

This Tenderloin Restaurant’s Food Is So Good I Broke Up With My Girlfriend

BY TOUTA BAHER I wanted to write about an Indian and Pakistani restaurant in the Tenderloin, but had a hard time deciding which one to focus on. There are so many delicious options within two blocks, but I decided to talk about Shalimar Restaurant, the place that inspired me to

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Steak raining from the sky.
24 Apr 2023

This Expensive San Francisco Restaurant Made Me Hate Myself

BY ANTONY FANGARY There’s an upscale chain restaurant, we’ll call it “Fancy Applebee’s,” with a location in downtown San Francisco that reeks of fratboys at a nightclub. Like most places that aren’t worth the money, they have a dress code. I don’t think that we need to debate the obvious

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The Golden Gate Bridge.
26 Mar 2023

I’m Dating Karl the Fog And It’s Going Really Well

The Bay Area has received a pounding from multiple atmospheric rivers and a bomb cyclone this past month. We’ve experienced a flying couch, downed trees, and more blackouts than an annual pass to Disneyland. After all this hardship,  I’d like to remind you of our kinder, perennial weather: Karl the Fog. Specifically, I’d like to announce that I’ve been dating Karl for a few years now. And it’s going really well. 

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14 Feb 2023

Oakland’s Satirical News Source Back In Action

Bay Area humorists, rejoice: Oakland’s premier satirical news source is back.  If you’ve lived here since circa 2012 (or, like me, you left and came back), you may remember Oakland Unseen. The satire specialist covered local controversies like Occupy Oakland, police brutality, and the annual unwashed tide of Burning Man

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23 Jan 2023

Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore and Janeane Garofalo is at Sketchfest!

On her show TINDER LIVE featuring special guest, the AMAZING actress, comedian and activist Janeane Garofalo, Moore creates a character and matches with the most absurd, weirdest profiles on Tinder, live in front of the audience.

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22 Nov 2022

Satire: Waymo Officially Given License to Kill

Shortly before two o’clock last Friday, Waymo announced its autonomous vehicles now have license to kill.  “We’re very excited for this innovative new technology to hit the streets,” said California Public Utilities Commission representative Sarah Desk, “and some people.” Cal-PUC granted Waymo a Pilotless Permit pearlier this month, marking any

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