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“My #Selfie, Myself” – Selfie and Self-Portrait Art

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The relationship between people and technology has become such a continuous topic that I predict, today, that you will talk about it at least once (if not, you’ll meet the love of your life or face a great challenge, or eat a fortune cookie.  You’re welcome).

A perfect example of our near constant contact with technology (i.e. our new robot overlords) is society’s obsession with the #Selfie. Criticized by some as egomaniacal, hailed by others as liberating, misunderstood by non-English speakers as “a group picture you take yourself,” and progenitor to the hated selfie stick (seriously, guys…it’s just a stick), the selfie is at the very least a reflection of modern culture.

In its most bare-bones context, a selfie is an image of oneself. What is, then, the relationship between the art of a self-portrait and a selfie?

You are invited to test the limits for yourself within an interactive art show My #Selfie, Myself: Disseminating the self-portrait one click at a time.

“This show attempts to connect the introspective view of the artist’s intrinsic self” Kate Kuaimoku, curator of the exhibition and local Bay Area badass, tells us. “Within the social construct of portraiture the gallery will be accompanied with an installation of selfies that viewers are encouraged to participate in.” She elaborates that “through image and identity, this show is set to explore the connection between the ‘selfie’ within the context of traditional use of self-portraiture.”

Best of all? Opening night is FREE!!!!! You can see for yourSELF(sad, pathetic pun definitely intended) on Friday, Nov 27th from 6 to 9pm. At Roll-up Gallery, Public Works SF. The show will run until December 17th.

Additional information:

by Eric Joyner by Kelly Keltos by Roxy Erickson by James Sinclair

Participating artists include:

Kelly Keltos

Eric Joyner

Eve Lyon

Roxy Erickson

James Sinclair

Diana Burman

Rob Moonathe

Lauren DeLizza

Jennifer Schnell

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