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Is Sparky’s Diner Closed for Good?

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I got a message today from a fella I know named Rick Hauptman saying that Sparky’s was closed for good. Apparently he’d been leaving the Pilsner Inn last week when someone had told him that Sparky’s had closed. Rick went over to check it out and the manager told him that the diner could no longer afford the $30,000 a month rent they were paying.

I needed to find out for myself so both Alex and I went down there at different times, he at 3pm and myself at 5pm. Both of us found it closed. There’s no sign up that says “Closed Forever” or anything, but the typical closed sign for business sign is certainly on display.


I popped into the jewelry store next-door and asked the lady if she knew anything. Her response was that it was probably closed down for health code violations…again. According to her it’s happened a few times before.

Does this mean the end of late night platters of fried stuff while you ogle the other drunk weirdos and freaks? I mean the food at Sparky’s was never exactly great, but the last thing we need is fewer all night places. This city is getting sleepy and boring enough as it is.

Do you have any more info? Please let me know and I’ll update this post.


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