Draymond Green’s D*ck Pic via Snapchat Revealed

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Golden State Warrior and US Olympic Team member Draymond Green apologized for snapchatting an inappropriate picture over the weekend.  We at received the actual ‘d*ck pic’ from an anonymous source said to be close to the athlete.

Here is Draymond’s apology:

“I apologize for the situation. It’s clearly not what I was trying to do,” he said. “I kinda hit the wrong button and it sucks. It was meant to be private. We’re all one click away from placing something in the wrong place and I suffered from that this morning.” – Draymond

We of course assume that all the outrage is centered around PETA and other animal rights groups who frown on the misuse of animals.  Other pictures of Draymond’s d*ck are now surfacing, clearly linking the NBA Champion and soon to be Olympic champion with presumably unlicensed fowl.  If you look closely at the bottom right corner of this team travel pic, you can clearly see Draymond’s d*ck.

And there are other photos involving Draymond, and other d*cks taken from his instagram account.  Here is a photo of a particularly big d*ck taken court side.

The basketball star is clearly embarrassed by the surfacing pictures. Here is a photo of Draymond Green with multiple d*cks.

Hopefully in the future Draymond will be more discrete with his d*ck action.  We will keep you informed if more pictures surface.

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