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Cartoons On Trump’s “Muslim Ban” from Around the World

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“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

-Sonnet by Emma Lazarus. (mounted inside the Statue of Liberty monument)

Marian Kamensky / Slovakia

Artist: Marian Kamensky. Slovakia

Trump has been making good on many of his campaign promises.  During the first weeks of his presidency his executive orders have swiftly imposed Brietbart themed initiatives such as defunding Int. planned parenthood, freezing and muzzling the Environmental Protection Agency, erasing any mention of the Jewish people from the Whitehouse’s Holocaust statement, and now perhaps most egregiously (if one can measure) banning the entry of any Syrian refugees into the United States indefinitely, as well as suspending entry from 7 other predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East for the next 90 days.

travel ban map

Not only is this slamming the door on the men, women, and children fleeing incredibly dangerous situations abroad, it endangers those on the ground who are helping the US and it’s military.  Those who work as interpreters for the US army and their families for example, now they no longer have a sanctuary to go to when our enemies come for them.  How many of our allies in these countries will simply close their doors on US forces now?  In a time where we need friends on the ground more than ever.

Here is how the cartoonist of the world have responded, sometimes a cartoon can be worth 10 thousand words.


Times of Oman

Times of Oman


Osama Hajjaj / Jordan

Artist: Osama Hajjaj.  Jordan


Artist: Eoin Kelleher. Dublin Ireland

Artist: Eoin Kelleher. Dublin Ireland


lectrr belgium

Artist: LECTRR


Marian Kamensky / Slovakia

Artist: Marian Kamensky. Slovakia


Angel Boligan / El Universal, Mexico City

Artist Angel Boligan.  El Universal



Publised on  This is not actually in direct response to the Muslim ban but it is beautifully done none the less.


Artist: de Adder. HFX HeraldArtist: de Adder. HFX Herald

From the USA

Kaveh Adel usa

Artist: Kaveh Adel

New York

banArtist: Artist: Jimmy Margulies, NY USA


Jeff Danziger / Rutland Herald

Artist: Jeff Danziger  The Rutland Herald


big bend gazette

Artist Lurry. Big Bend Gazetter


The Salt Lake Tribune pat bagley

Artist: Pat Bagley. The Salt Lake Tribune


Artist Horsey. La Times 2015

Artist Horsey. La Times 2015

Now more than ever, our US ‘sanctuary cities’: San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Los Angelos and others must stand strong against the federal government.  They must stand up for the founding principles of the United States of America, they must stand up to hate, cruelty, and intolerance because it is exclusion that leads to violence, it is distrust that leads to further war.  There is a reason why the above mentioned cities are flourishing, why they are the centers of commerce, art, & ideas in our country.  It is because they are diverse melting pots that do not discriminate against nationality, religion, or creed.

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