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What GHB Dosage is Right For You?

Updated: May 17, 2022 09:01
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GHB Dosage

The GHB dosage is labeled on this bottle. This is rarely the case.


Before we begin, I’d like to preface this article by saying, I (and my interviewee) do not, in any way, condone or support anyone dosing someone without their knowledge or consent. This is not a “how to get someone fucked uparticle. This is simple a handy guide and light read to educate the individual that has been curious about GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate) for personal consumption. It’s about what GHB Dosage is right for you.

To protect the identity of our participant, we will call this person Lisa Carlata Vanderpump (This is the name my interviewee picked for themselves, so don’t judge).

Expert Advice

I’m sitting in Lisa Carlata Vanderpump’s apartment on a cold, routine Saturday night; just me and my note pad, waiting to stare at someone getting fucked up, while I  try to ask them questions that will probe the GHB riddled mind.

“Shall we just get to it?” Lisa Carlata Vamperpump asks.

Though I’m there for the stated purpose of staring at someone while they get wasted, I’m still surprised when Lisa pulls out a plain, smallish bottle; quarter filled with a nondescript liquid and declares “Take a swig and lets begin!”. This is her GHB dosage, obviously.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed, I was picturing little fizzy pills, like you see in spy movies. Or maybe an ominous eye dropper of powder? Really anything more sinister and interesting looking than what was in front of me now. Besides the ‘pop!’ when it opened, it was a very anti-climatic beginning.

As Lisa is readying the ambiance for tripping perfection, I start in with the questions:

GHB Dosage

Safe Dosage

How much should you or do you take?

“I’ve never actually measured a GHB dosage. In the past I’ve just swigged a cupful at a time, taken with alcohol.”   Lisa Carlata Vanderpump takes the first swig out of the small cap that was sealing the bottle a moment ago.  (* Hey kids at home, this is the opposite of a safe approach to consuming GHB. Consuming GHB with alcohol can greatly compound its effects and cause overdoses).

How are you feeling?

“Whoa….hits you in 10 min then intensifies…[feels like a] wave, intense, like a head change immediately”

Can I see the bottle?

“Sure” I’m also surprised at how it smells, like waxy plastic, just the most chemical smell you can think of.

GHB tastes like

How did this taste?

“Tasted very soapy, almost salty…super icky” (This is a scientific interview, so try not to get too bogged down by the scientific jargon used here)

Question time needed to be over for a minute. I instead focused on witnessing the come up period: Lisa’s breathing became slow and deliberate, almost labored, but not quite struggling for air. It looked like Lisa Carlata Vanderpump was rolling balls. (Again, this is science you guys, just go with it)

About 40 minutes has gone by.

What GHB makes you feel

How are you feeling now?

“Drunk but….(zoned out for a bit, then remembered we were talking) feels goooooooood”

“I’m VERY fucked up[…]but my head/eyes kinda hurt, but [then that feeling] tapered into [an] opiate high, but not nodding off or anything”

“O! My anxiety is gone. I was nervous about this, but it’s cool now….I’m not drunk!…..just warm downer…codeine, more…[but] leveled out in minutes”

Do you have beer-goggles on or anything?

“No, my eyesight  has not changed. But, for sure fucked up”

After effect words of wisdom:

“Don’t re-dose before 2 hours…[I]kept getting waves of intensity. [It’s a] good replacement for alcohol.”

“[Like a] halo after-effect”

A note from the writer:  KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TAKING

Know what you’re taking! It’s not just about GHB dosage! We came to discover during the evening that there is GHB and GBL. Pro-tip = don’t take a drug and then check out its effects on the internet after it’s too late.  Obsessing on the internet over whatever drug you just ingested, then going on WebMD to see how many minutes you have left to live, will probably ruin your high and not to mention put you at risk of overdosing.

GBL and GHB are different drugs. A lot of casual users will not realize there is a difference. Main thing to note, you need a lot less GBL to get you high.

How can the casual user tell the difference?

Good question! Way to responsibly do drugs! Good for you!

1ml of pure GBL is equivalent to 1.6 grams of GHB (roughly)

GBL =  is a chemical and metabolic precursor to GHB. The taste is distinctly chemical.

GHB = tastes more like seawater or licorice. 

Good resource for all your drug questions (seriously, any and everything you can think of about just about any drug):

Here is a handy tip from bluelight:

If you’re bent on taking the GHB regardless of the concentration, here’s a little method which although time consuming, may save you a hospital visit. Start with a single dose of only 1 or 2mls. It might sound like pittance, but remember that it’s possible for this tiny amount of liquid to contain more than a standard GHB dosage. If your original dose did not have the desired effects, wait an hour or two (more than one at least) and see what happens. If necessary, re-dose (no more than 1ml higher than your previous dose) until the desired effects are reached.

Some individuals are naturally tolerant to GHB, while others are naturally sensitive to it. Some make assumptions based on body weight (heavier = more tolerant), but it’s impossible to determine how tolerant you are without trying it, and downright unwise to act on an assumption (i.e. body weight). So, even if you know the purity of your gear, if it’s your first time, start off with a small dose regardless of your assumptions or suspicions as to your tolerance. You can always re-dose if you haven’t achieved the effects you want to but you can’t un-dose once you’re comatose. Keep in mind also that having food in your stomach may reduce the effect GHB has on you. It’d be a silly mistake to eat a large meal, ingest 5ml and have it do nothing… Then decide you need 10ml, swallow that on an empty stomach and overdose.

Info on GHB Dosage:

More GHB dosage advice via bluelight: ‘common dosage measurements for GHB, taken from Erowid.’

Light –> 0.5 – 1.5 g
Common –> 1 – 2.5 g
Strong –> 2 – 3.5 g
Can induce heavy sleep –> 3 – 5 g
Overdose –> 5 – 10 g
Poisoning (Risk of Death)–> 10+ g

Be safe! Have fun! Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

GHB proponents and sellers may claim that it is unlikely to die or OD on GHB without another substance in the body. Although deaths have occurred from GHB used in combination with other drugs, it is false to say that GHB alone cannot kill you. ANY ABUSED SUBSTANCE CAN KILL ALONE, accept of course for Marijuana.

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