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This Picture of Putin as a “Gay Clown” is Now Illegal to Share in Russia

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It is illegal in Russia to post this image of President Vladimir Putin wearing clown makeup in front of a rainbow flag, thanks to a Russian Court’s decision this week:

According to CNN, the punishment for offenders who distribute, retweet or share this image is 15 days in prison or a fine of 3,000 rubles ($53).  This type of law is not surprising in Russia given the stream of anti LGTBQ laws and restrictions on free speech issued by the Putin oligarchy.  Ironically, there was some confusion over which #PutinIsGay meme was specifically banned.  So the Russian press had differing stories that served to circulate more images of Putin as a ‘gay clown’.

Obviously there is nothing inherently gay about wearing clown makeup or standing front of a rainbow flag, but many could be confused.  So please, whatever you do, don’t make the problem worse by posting ANY of the ‘Putin is a gay clown’ images online or use the hashtag  or PutIsGay.


Or Buzzfeed’s photo of Putin clearly being gay for Gérard Depardieu

Definitely don’t post this picture of Putin doing gay stuff with these dolphins

Or this rare photo of Putin out with his girls

and whatever you do, for the love of mother Russia, DO NOT circulate this SUPER GAY PUTIN CLOWN MEME.  It is illegal!

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