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High Times Had By All at Cannabis Cup

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We all know High Times as a publication that dates way before even the first legal ounce of weed was sold. We also know that if it weren’t for their activism, positive movement, and how they taught the world to grow (literally and figuratively) we wouldn’t have the most excellent events such as Cannabis Cup Midwest. Featuring a live cannabis experience, real grow room, cannabis career fair, edibles village, topical massage spa, vape lounge and way too much to recollect, it’s one of the dopest (pun intended) 2-day festivals! Luckily since we can still operate a camera after a gram of White Widow and half of a dark chocolate cannabar you’ll get to see what we enjoyed sans the bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth.

For once, Method Man wasn’t the highest person in the house.

Atmosphere giving us a contact buzz and setting the stage for 50 Cent, Nelly, and Danny Brown to follow. 

Couples that get high together stay together.

Anxious and adorable puppies can enjoy hemp calming treats, this little baby was all cuddles and no bite or bark.

Peace. Love. Weed. Definitely, what High Times Cannabis Cup was all about.

If you don’t smoke you can bath bomb, rub, drink, drop, eat, or just plain swallow a capsule of THC from Crown Caps. So many vendors make it more and more viable for anyone to medicate and enjoy.

Graffiti art and ganja artists keeping the legend alive

This guy and that sign take the cannabis cake for the weekend.

Culture, community, class, and compassion is what High Times’ marijuana movement is all about. Continually evolving, and putting the cannabis connoisseur at the forefront of the latest studies, technology, and industry trends can have you learning about the healing properties of CBD and THC at a medical research seminar, getting the behind-the-scenes scoop on the science of lab testing, and exploring new technology via a vape pen clinic and the next Cannabis Cup.

Oh and before you hook up with High Times, don’t forget, you can get this fresh, “Smoke Weed Errrrryday” from the Broke-Ass Stuart online store in men’s and women’s

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Curtis Conrad Schabath

Curtis Conrad Schabath

Prof. Curtis Conrad Schabath loves being a third-generation Detroiter, dog dad, vinyl slut, and old-school fool. This queer Cancer can be found equally at marches and rallies, on the trails, beach, or streets, taking time to volunteer and teach, and micro-dosing in the morning plus meditating at night just to handle it all. Phone on DND, camera on hand, a few dollars in the pocket, and heart full of love and protection is how they emote and float through this crazy thing (and electric word) called"life".