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Artists & Builders, The LoveBoat Wants You

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There’s a call for artists to help build & decorate the big, funky, artsy, burner style Halloween party at Pier 70.  This year the theme is ‘LoveBoat’ and if you’re artistically inclined and looking to help build a temporary, autonomous, wonderland that will be full of beautifully costumed freaks and world class DJ’s, look no further!  It’s San Francisco’s 50th anniversary of the summer of love, and 10th anniversary of Ghost Ship Halloween…so…want to help them make their love child?  In their words:

“Want to build or bring art or do you have an art car for LoveBoat?  Want to volunteer to help build or strike? Please read in full!”

Ghostship 2016.  Image @lbhalloween

LoveBoat Halloween was a ship we didn’t see coming, but the sweet swans steered her to Pier 70, San Francisco and we can’t wait to have you aboard. From the San Francisco Summer of Love in the 1960s, to Julie McCoy & Crew from the 80s, then hometown warehouse raving of the 90s and now the innovative challenge of artistic expeditions of the 2000s. Has everything been done?”

Ghost Ship Halloween. I don’t quite remember what year this was but that’s because I spent too much time in the Thunderdome. Image @lbhalloween

“Ten years of Ghost Ship Halloween and we are going to upcycle & repurpose the heck out of everything. Take a peek through our port holes or hold hands in the tunnels of love. Our mighty captains promise a safe and steady course full of magic, surprises, local artists, international super stars, dance your pants off music, daring drag shows, and freaky ferris wheel rides. A vast wonderland to remind us we are all sailing together on this spaceship earth. A cruise that is only as merry as the passengers booked from steerage to the promenade deck.”

LoveBoat Halloween – Call for Art

LoveBoat Halloween Art Car Submission Form

LoveBoat Halloween – Volunteer

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